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Nursing Jobs Chicago - Outlook for Nursing Jobs in Chicago

nurses care growth registered

Registered Nursing jobs in Chicago and throughout the United States are the most numerous of any healthcare occupation. There are over 2.6 million currently filled positions, thousands of unfilled positions, and more opening up every day. The growth of nursing jobs in Chicago is expected to grow at a rate much higher than the average for all jobs, and the wages paid are among the highest of any U.S. city.

Most people think of registered nurses as working primarily in hospitals, but nursing jobs in Chicago hospitals are in one of the slower-growing categories. Registered nurses work in many other sectors of healthcare and the workforce as a whole. The responsibilities of nurses are wide-ranging and dependent on the exact position and type of employer. Primary responsibilities include treating illnesses and injuries as per doctor’s orders or established practice, administering medication, admitting patients and recording patient data, performing diagnostic tests, instructing patients on home health care and follow-up care, and coordinating activities with other registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nurse’s aides.

There are several specialty nursing jobs available in Chicago. Many of these jobs require additional training or experience. Some of the options for nursing jobs in Chicago include the following:

  • Perioperative nurses – assist surgeons in operating rooms.
  • Diabetes nurses – help patients suffering from diabetes.
  • Dermatology nurses – work with doctors specializing in skin disorders and cosmetic surgery.
  • Geriatric nurses – work with the elderly is one of the fastest-growing sectors in nursing.
  • Pediatric nurses – care for infants and children.
  • Ambulatory nurses – perform routine treatments and preventative care in clinics and private offices.
  • Trauma nurses – work in emergency rooms.
  • Transport nurses – travel with patients moving between locations.
  • Occupational health nurses – often work onsite at job locations.

This is but a small sampling of all the specialties in which there are available nursing jobs in Chicago. Virtually every type of illness or body part where illnesses occur has a specialty nurse position. Some positions will allow for on-the-job training while others will require previous training or experience.

The minimum qualification for obtaining nursing jobs in Chicago is graduation from an accredited and nationally recognized nursing program. Registered nurses programs are offered on several different tiers. Some are simply two-year certificate programs, and others result in an associate’s degree in nursing. Advanced educational opportunities are also available in nursing that can result in the student earning a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or PhD. The starting pay and job opportunities expand the higher the nurse’s level of education. In Illinois, nurses are also required to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) before they can legally begin working as a registered nurse.

Although the average growth rate for all jobs in Chicago is actually declining according to reports based on the years 2009 – 2010, which state the total growth rate is -4.37%. This compares to 13% in the 1990s. For nursing jobs in Chicago, the current growth rate is at 22%, which is on par with the U.S. as a whole. The fastest-growing industry is nurses for private physician’s offices at 48% growth. Other nursing industry growth is as follows:

  • Home Health Care: 33%
  • Nursing Care Centers: 25%
  • Employment Services: 24%
  • Hospitals: 17%

The salary for nursing jobs in Chicago depends on several factors. For all nurses combined, the median 50% earn between $64,255 and $77,684 annually. The lowest 10% make $58,669 or less, and the highest 10% make $84,326 or more. In general, the larger the employer, the higher the pay scale. As an hourly figure, nursing jobs in Chicago pay an average of $25.04 to $32.56 per hour.

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