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Network Management Software Tools - Reviews of Network Management Software Tools - HP OpenView, Nagios, PathView Cloud

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Running a business has become a technological web that requires good network management software tools in order to do it successfully. Network management software tools provide monitoring of your computer network and your Exchange servers so that you always know immediately when the network goes down. This helps businesses stay on top of their networks and be ready for all the calls they will start getting the moment it goes down. Of course there are many different choices when it comes to network management software tools, so it is very helpful to know a little bit about several of the most popular ones before selecting the one that will work best for your business. Here are some of the best network management software tools that are available right now.

HP OpenView

One of the best monitoring tools out there is HP OpenView. This program is among one of the most widely used NMS frameworks, and it is made specifically for very large companies that run on important IT networks. Customers should realize that even though the software itself is from HP, it will monitor equipment of all brand names. There are also many different add-ons and interfaces available for this software. The software claims to offer security for all applications and automation of business services like servers and other network devices. It also offers performance testing so that IT workers can be sure that everything is operating properly. This makes it very easy to run a test on the system every so often to ensure that it continues to work properly. It will also help avoid some problems in the future by testing before they happen.


Another great choice, especially in the case of Open Source Networks, is Nagios. This tool is also one of the most widely used, and it among the most powerful on the market. Nagios is based on Linux, and it goes beyond the IP and SNMP testing you would normally expect and offers collector plug-ins, which actively collect data on the network at all times. The only bad thing about this tool is that it is rather difficult to use. IT people must actually edit the configuration files at the operating system level. This product definitely does require a Linux specialist. However, when Open Source monitoring is what you need, there really is not a better tool out there for it.

PathView Cloud

Companies that are looking for cloud-based network monitoring software tools should consider getting PathView Cloud. This software does not require any local server hardware, so it is great for newer companies that do not have a complete infrastructure yet. It monitors both SLA conformance and VoIP readiness. A few hosts can even be monitored for free, so it is definitely worth checking out. The setup of PathView Cloud is very easy, and everything is self-contained, so IT people do not have to wonder if the system problem is caused by a hardware issue or by the network itself.

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