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Loving Family Toys - Shopping for Loving Family Toys - Loving Family Toys’ My First Doll House

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Every little girl dreams of owning a doll house, and Loving Family doll house by Fisher Price is an excellent choice. The Loving Family doll houses have a large selection. Here are a few items from the Loving Family Toy line: My First Doll house, the Grand Doll House, and the Sweet Sounds Doll House. First we will point out all of the features and then offer some customer reviews.

Loving Family Toys’ My First Doll House

This doll house is a great for young girls. The suggested age for this particular doll house is 2 years and up. It has some great features for small hands, including chunky doll figures that are easy to hold onto and that also stand well. The doll house itself has wide open spaces for little hands to move freely and reach inside all 5 rooms, and also a patio, balcony, and extended living room area. The doll house also comes with some furniture including a stove, a sink, table with 2 chairs and a toilet. My First Doll House retails for around $75.

My First Doll House gets great customer reviews, and it has an overall rating of 5 stars. Some of the customers have mentioned that they love the large pieces that are held easily in small hands, the fact that the parts are not a choking hazard, and how extremely easy it is to put together with no tools. They also say it offers endless fun for their little ones.

Loving Family Toys’ Grand Doll House

This doll house is large Victorian doll house with 8 rooms, and a family with twins and also a dining room table, 2 chairs and 2 booster seats for the twins. Suggested age for this doll house is 3 years and up. The house opens to access all of the rooms and also has a staircase. The Grand Doll House sells for about $70.

Grand Doll House has an overall rating of 4.5 stars. Many customers have mentioned that their children love the doll house and play with it for hours. It is easy to assemble, and the quality is better than other doll houses make this sturdy for lots of play. Some of the accessories even make noise and light up.

Loving Family Toys’ Sweet Sounds Doll House

Sweet Sounds Doll House is a Victorian doll house with talking family members. This set includes a baby, cat, furniture, accessories and other built in features. Batteries are needed for this doll house for the noise and talking figures, which are a major feature of this toy. The Sweet Sounds Doll House sells for about $230.

Sweet Sounds Doll House has an overall review of 4.5 stars. There are mixed reviews of the talking and noise features because most of the furniture sets, people, or accessories that activate this feature are hard to find and discontinued. The doll house itself has been reviewed to be sturdy, easy to fold and carry and easy to assemble and lots of fun for all children.

It is also important to point out that there are many accessories to go with the entire Loving Family line including camping sets, laundry room sets, extra family members, bedroom sets and even a minivan. With all of these options, a little girl’s imagination is endless!

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