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Ncaa Mens Basketball Bracket - Filling Out a NCAA Men’s Basketball Bracket - Start with the Top Teams

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March Madness is always a lot of fun, and even people who do not consider themselves to be basketball fans enjoy filling out a NCAA men’s basketball bracket. Some non-fans really like to make as much of a mockery out of it as they can, while the really serious fans do not take any of their decisions lightly. So how on earth can anyone hope to fill out a NCAA men’s basketball bracket successfully and have a chance at winning the office pot? Here are some tips to help even the least savvy basketball fan make some good decisions.

Start with the Top Teams

It can seem daunting at first because it starts out with the matchups on the farthest edges of the page. There are so many teams there that it seems pretty impossible to decide who might be the best. For someone who wants to seem like they know what they are talking about but have never watched a game in their life, a little research is definitely in order. Look for the two teams that have the best records, and start by placing them in the center for the final. Of course this is not how it always plays out, but it is a great way to seem savvy. Next, just go on toward the outside edges, filling in according to team record. In some cases, you may have to eliminate one of your teams a bit earlier, so it is always recommended to use a pencil so that the NCAA men’s basketball bracket can be erased if need be.

Compare with your friends and co-workers

One of the great features of March Madness is being able to debate the prowess of many of the teams that end up on the NCAA men’s basketball bracket. Find out why some of your co-workers made the choices they did, especially if you know they watch a lot of basketball. Do not be afraid to jump into the debate too, even if you do not know anything. After all, it is supposed to be fun!

Keep track of your progress

Finally, make sure that you keep track of how well you are doing. Remember that whoever wins that pot at the end probably does so partially through luck, and you will never know that you won if you do not keep track of it. You will also find it helpful to take note of the mistakes you made and use this year’s NCAA men’s basketball bracket to help plan next year’s bracket. Of course college teams do change from year to year, but you will start to see a real pattern among some teams that consistently do very well. It also does not hurt to check out the final scores of the games, even if you do not watch any of them. It might even make you feel better when you realize how close some of them are.

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