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Car Dealer Invoice - Understanding the Car Dealer Invoice and Getting a Deal - Negotiate by car dealer invoice, not sticker price

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Haggling over the price of a new vehicle is extremely difficult, but a savvy car buyer knows exactly how to understand a car dealer invoice and read between the lines. Negotiating is all about knowing when the dealer has some wiggle room and being able to predict how much wiggle room there is. First it is important to understand some terms. The car dealer invoice is the amount the dealer actually paid for the vehicle in the first place. The sticker price is higher than that, usually between $1,500 and $3,000, although it can be even more. The other important term to understand is the True Market Value Pricing, which was actually introduced by Edmunds, a well-respected car network that offers plenty of advice about dealing with car dealers.

Negotiate by car dealer invoice, not sticker price

The very first trick that anyone who wants to learn how to haggle should know is that the sticker price means essentially nothing. Car dealers want the sticker price to be the starting point in negotiating, and they get away with this because most people do not know about the car dealer invoice price. Start with the invoice rather than the sticker, and you are sure to come out ahead and avoid paying far too much for that car you want to purchase.

Finding the car dealer invoice price

Of course a well-informed buyer is also a buyer who will not be taken advantage of, so it is important that you actually know what the car dealer invoice price is before you start haggling. This price is the same for every dealer around the United States, and it only varies by model of the car and the features on it. Dealers also typically have to pay regional advertising expenses and a destination cost, which is often figured into the price as well. These expenses are also the same for each dealer. There is also an additional two or three percent of the retail price of the car that is built into the invoice price. It is known as holdback.

Realizing that all of these costs are built into that car dealer invoice price is important, but what is most important is the actual number itself. The best way to find it is to go to Edmunds.com. This site publishes these numbers on a regular basis so customers can have a better idea of how much they should pay for a car.

Take risks and be prepared not to buy

Finally, in order to get a deal, buyers should never walk into a dealership with the mindset that they intend to purchase a vehicle. This automatically gives them the weak side of negotiating. It is very important that buyers be prepared to walk away. In fact, some deals are made by simply walking away. Some people have found that they had a voicemail message from the salesperson, who called to offer them something worth their while after they had left. Walking out does not always work, but it can be the major turning point and the difference between getting a deal and not getting a deal.

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