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Gold Medal Popcorn – Your Source for Every Concession Item Imaginable - Gold Medal Popcorn Products, Other Gold Medal Products, Gold Medal Services

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Gold Medal Products Co (also widely known as Gold Medal Popcorn) has long been known for producing both equipment and ingredients for tasty concession-style popcorn. Even customers who have never heard of the brand itself undoubtedly have seen its products, anywhere from a small popcorn machine at the county fair to a large fixed popper at a local theater concession stand. But what many don’t realize is that Gold Medal Products also produces a huge line of concessions products that go way beyond just popcorn. In this article, we’ll look at some of the more interesting offerings from Gold Medal, both popcorn-affiliated and non-.

Gold Medal Popcorn Products

Of course, there is no shortage of tasty popcorn options from Gold Medal. First check out the various popcorn ingredients and supplies that you can get for your home or business. Use these quality oils, flavors, and seasonings to create professional-quality popcorn treats that will wow customers and friends alike. You can also find popcorn scoops, bags, and any number of other popcorn accessories. And if you’re adventurous, check out Gold Medal’s special pages devoted to caramel corn and kettle corn. If you’re starting a small concessions business, sweet offerings like these can help you boost sales dramatically.

Of course, in order to pop that popcorn, you’ll need a popcorn cooker to do it in! This is where Gold Medal has really made its mark on the concessions world (and probably why so many people know them for their popcorn). They utilize top patented popcorn equipment components to build their machines, and you can really tell that they pay special attention to every single detail. Years of research have gone into making these machines safe and easy to operate, easy to clean, and fun to watch.

Other Gold Medal Products

Rather than provide a full list of every concessions product that Gold Medal provides, it would probably be faster to list what American concessions items that they don’t provide. In fact, that would take no time at all! Really, they provide every single concessions ingredient and accessory that you could ever imagine. Want pretzels? They have you covered. Cotton candy? Please, give them a hard one. Funnel cake batter and frying equipment? You better believe it! Nachos? Hot dogs? Pizza? It’s probably best to give up now. THEY HAVE EVERYTHING.

Just check out their web site for all of the above products and much more. Every single product line is the whole package – you can get every item that you need to start operation, from food ingredients to toppings to the cooking equipment itself. Gold Medal takes all the legwork out of starting a concessions operation, and that’s a very good thing for hundreds of aspiring small business owners. But what really sets Gold Medal apart from typical food equipment suppliers is the service that comes with it. Check out the section below for plenty of helpful free services available on their web site, plus a few paid ones.

Gold Medal Services

Gold Medal really shines with its large supply of tutorials, tools, and help articles that are available online. For one, if you have purchased any of their equipment, you’ll be glad to know that there are full tutorial videos online that will help you become an expert at them in no time.

For the first-time small business owner, Gold Medal provides a large range of helpful tools and articles to get you started. Try the profit calculator tool to get an idea of what kind of sales numbers and profit margins are necessary to meet your revenue goals. Or sign up for any one of their free manuals that go in-depth into the world of snack vending. It has been their field of expertise for over 50 years now, so it’s safe to say that they have learned a thing or two in their time! Tap into that knowledge to make your own business venture that much easier.

Of course, you can also find a full listing of replacement parts and accessories for your current Gold Medal products. Spend some time looking around the site; you’ll be impressed at just how much handy information that you can find!

That’s it for this look at Gold Medal popcorn and concessions products. Whether for your brand new business or simply for home use, we think you’ll be more than pleased with Gold Medal.

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