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Your Guide to North Hollywood Homes For Sale - Helpful Stats and Tools

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Are you looking for a new home in the North Hollywood area? While many people may think that North Hollywood is exclusively a domain of the stars, you might be surprised to find out that there are many homes in the area that are entirely accessible to the average citizen. (Of course, if you do have your sights set on a million-dollar-plus property, there are more than enough selections in that category, too!) Read on to find information on popular North Hollywood neighborhoods along with some helpful tips and tricks that aspiring home-buyers will find very useful.

Helpful Stats and Tools

For plenty of helpful real-time information on North Hollywood real estate, check out Trulia’s stats page for North Hollywood. Here you’ll find real-time statistics on average listing prices in the area ($386,729 at the time of writing), total amounts of homes for sale, open houses, and foreclosures in the area, and much more. You’ll also find information on property and violent crime for the greater Los Angeles area, average price per square foot, and much more. If you have kids, you’ll be glad to find a listing of all neighborhood schools together with actual parent ratings.

Another resource that prospective North Hollywood home-buyers will find useful is the official site of the city of Los Angeles. Here you’ll find plenty of handy information for residents such as garbage pickup schedules, current construction projects, school districts, and much more. If you are also moving a small business or planning to open a new one in Los Angeles, you’ll find the Los Angeles Office of Economic and Business Policy site to be an invaluable source of information.

Inexpensive Homes in Hollywood? It’s Not Just a Myth!

You might not believe it, but it is entirely possible to find homes in North Hollywood for less than $200k. Try searching in the Northwest section of the neighborhood along Vanowen Street or Varna Avenue to find some surprisingly reasonable housing. Another solid bet is the Northeast section near Valhalla Memorial Park, where you can find many houses in the $200-300k range. With home prices like this, just about anyone can achieve the dream of living large in Hollywood!

The Cream of the Crop

If you are looking on the other end of the scale, of course North Hollywood has plenty to offer. For $800k-1 million dollar homes and beyond, check out the southern section of North Hollywood along Vineland Ave and Magnolia Blvd. Of course, you can find houses in this range sprinkled liberally throughout the area, but the central southern area offers the highest concentration of the grandest, highest-priced properties.

Be Where the Action is

If you absolutely love being close to the hottest shops, restaurants, and culture scene in your city, then you should take a good look at the area next to Burbank Blvd and Lankersham Blvd, where the NoHo arts district thrives. Here you can find some of the tastiest restaurants and coolest shops in the area. Try Tokyo Delve’s for some really smashing sushi, or Pitfire Pizza Company for some amazing wood-fired pizzas that will blow you away. What better way to keep your finger on the local community’s pulse than by chilling at the tastiest local grub shops?

That’s it for this guide to North Hollywood homes for sale. Use this guide to get some ideas on where to start your NoHo home search. Depending on your personal preferences and financial situation, you can find a home that will really make your dreams come true. Good luck!

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