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Quick and Easy Guide to Fort Lauderdale Tours - FortLauderdaleTours.net, Tour Ratings on Viator, Ducktours, etc.

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Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind Fort Lauderdale tour that will truly set apart your next Florida vacation? Then look no further! In this guide, we will provide you with a bevy of tools that you can use to locate your dream tour. You might be surprised at just how many tour services there are out there currently, all promising slightly different hooks to their respective niches. That is why we have constructed our list of some of the top tour providers for the Fort Lauderdale area – so that your vacation planning can be quick, easy, and effective!


First up is FortLauderdaleTours.net, who provide a healthy variety of area tours at an even healthier discount. Forget paying hundreds of dollars to do some of the more high-end tours – tours here range from $18 to about $40 on average. And for the price, they offer a remarkable depth of knowledge about their presentation topics. Try an Everglades airboat ride & wildlife adventure as you come to appreciate the delicate ecosystem and thriving wildlife in the area. Or perhaps you’re in the mood for both some fine dining and entertainment? In that case, you can choose from either the long-popular Jungle Queen Dinner Cruise or the Mai-Kai Polynesian Dinner Show. Either one gives you access to another world, whether it be atop a romantic musical cruise ship or through steeping yourself in rich Polynesian culture. For great cuisine and good atmosphere, either of these are sure to do you right.

Tour Ratings on Viator

Next up is Viator, which provides a lot of the same tour information as listed above (but with the addition of several extra tours). The key use of this service lies in its customer feedback/rating system, which lets you see what real people have to say about their first-hand experiences with the various tour companies. Along with guided tours, you can also use the site for finding local attractions, things to do, etc. They even offer a wishlist function, which lets you save your favorite tour entries for later, and then email your complete wishlist to whomever you like. This combined with an easily searchable database of local tours makes Viator a very valuable resource.

Ducktours, etc.

Once you get digging into enough individual company sites, you’ll find more niche tour services like Fort Lauderdale Duck Tours that offer a rather unique take on touring. The Ducktours use an amphibious vehicle to take guests both over land and sea, all as part of a grand scheme to make you fall in love with ducks and other local wildlife. It may be quirky, but it has built them a solid business that has lasted for years, and that is definitely a good sign.

More Fort Lauderdale Tour Help

Lastly, we’ll take a look at a great place to find more ideas for your Fort Lauderdale activities – the city’s official Tourism/visitors guide at Sunny.org. Sunny gives you activity ideas in every possible category, blessing residents of Fort Lauderdale and tourists alike opportunities to see parts of the city that may have never even occurred to them before. Check them out – you’ll be glad you did!

That’s it for this guide to Fort Lauderdale tours. With so many different options, you’ll never be out of things to do for your next trip to Florida! Use the above tools wisely, and you’re sure to find a tour that agrees with the whole family.

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This is also a great website for searching for things to do in Fort Lauderdale including tours, attractions, sightseeing, cruises, and more. The site has a lot of pictures for each tour/attraction and provides a lot of useful information about the tours/attractions available. They offer everything from the Everglades, to the Mai Kai, to the Duck tour, to watersports, to trips to Key West and a tour to Miami, and much more. DestinationLauderdale.com also lets you book all of these activities online and offers the lowest prices. Check out the website at http://DestinationLauderdale.com