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That 70's Show Episodes and Online Guides - Comprehensive Episode Guide, Official That 70’s Show Site

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Are you looking for information on your favorite episodes of Fox’s That 70’s Show? Or maybe you’d like to find a way to watch online? In any case, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will look at some of the top That 70’s Show sites that feature comprehensive episode guides, pictures, clips, and many more goodies from the show. Also check out our advice section on watching That 70’s Show episodes online to be sure your computer stays free of viruses and other harmful software. (Not to mention legal issues.) Read on!

Comprehensive Episode Guide

First off, we’ll look at the full episode guide offered at TV.com. Any hardcore That 70’s fan would be hard-pressed to find any other location with as much awesome show content as this. Every single episode from all 8 seasons has its own private page packed with in-depth episode summaries and other goodies. You can interact with other fans via the ratings system, and you can even leave your own detailed viewer review of any show for others to read. But it doesn’t stop there – you’ll also discover episode-specific trivia, memorable quotes, and a listing of allusions that were used in each episode. And for the truly dedicated fan, they also provide a complete listing of all actors and crew that worked on every episode, including writers, producers, etc. For such an utterly amazing depth of information, this is one site that should definitely be in any fan’s arsenal of tools.

Official That 70’s Show Site

For a fun stroll down memory lane, check out the official That 70’s Show web site, which still boasts episode summaries and plenty of fun extras from the show. Read the official blog posts by various characters from the show, and check out the large gallery of cast photos from every season. You can also link up to official 70’s soundtracks from the show that are currently for sale on iTunes. Lastly, you can link up with other fans on the show’s discussion forums, play flash games, and download icons and desktop backgrounds from the “fun stuff” section. While it lacks the critical depth of TV.com’s episode guides, this site is still worth a gander to anyone looking for a quick re-immersion in the show’s atmosphere.

Tips on Watching That 70’s Show Online

Unfortunately, That 70’s Show isn’t currently available online for major video streaming services, so don’t bother looking on your Hulus or your Netflixes. (Unless you want to order the discs themselves, which are available on Netflix.) Fox no longer offers any online streaming episodes from the show, either, so internet-exclusive viewers may find themselves coming up dry with all the usual sources.

Of course, there are always some sites that make hundreds of different shows available for streaming online, regardless of their availability on the bigger sites. However, with these services you always must be careful of both legality and computer safety issues. Sometimes the sites are based in different countries (or at least the video file itself is located there), giving them some protection from copyright laws. However, if you yourself live in a country that is governed by those laws and you still go ahead and access the content, there’s a chance you could find yourself in legal hot water!

In addition to the legal concerns, many of these online television sites are riddled with malware, viruses, and trojan programs that are built to infiltrate your computer, either to steal your information or to cause general mayhem. If you do decide to take the risk, make sure you are very well protected by anti-virus and anti-malware programs.

Because of these risks, it is usually the best idea to stick with the larger streaming video providers like Hulu, Netflix, or the television networks’ sites.

That’s it for this guide to That 70’s Episodes. We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing these 70’s Show sites as you look for further information on this classic Fox series. Keep on rockin’!

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