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How to Find the Best Cheap Flights to Honolulu - General Tips on Honolulu Flight Fares, How to Get the Cheapest Fares

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Are you looking for a wonderful island getaway that won’t break the bank? Any tourist that has been to Honolulu can tell you that it’s not cheap! Food, lodging, and other travel expenses come with a premium on the islands, so it’s important for families on a budget to save a little money wherever possible. In this guide, we’ll help you do just that by giving you resources for finding the cheapest flights to Honolulu, plus some handy travel guide information and other tips to make sure your stay is unforgettable. Enjoy!

General Tips on Honolulu Flight Fares

Because Hawaii is a long way from most out-of-state airports, you’ll also find that the number of passengers on the weekend goes up dramatically. (Even more so than is the case with normal continental U.S. Flights.) Most people don’t just hop on a plane for a quick night or weekend trip when they go to Hawaii – they go to vacation! And as such, both the amount of passengers and the fares charged goes up dramatically on big vacation-departure days like Friday and Saturday. For the safest bet, try a Tuesday or Wednesday. Your fares will be lower (unless it’s a holiday), and chances are the cabin will have a lot less passengers.

Also remember that because Honolulu is a tropical destination, most people plan their trips there during the Winter months. Because of this, Honolulu’s major tourist rush is from December to April. If you really have your heart set on getting a discount ticket, schedule your vacation during the Summer or early Fall. Dare to be different, and you just might find that discount!

How to Get the Cheapest Fares

Now on to the big question: how do you find the cheapest fares to Honolulu? Well, unfortunately there is no one simple answer. There isn’t one secret weapon that you can trot out any time to get a guaranteed discounted fare. Unless that secret weapon is just patient research. But there are some great resources to help you in your search.

For starters, try a third-party flight listing service like Cheapflights.com, who have a bevy of options to help you look up current flight listings and pricings. They also provide tools to help you keep track of flights over time by having updated fares emailed to you regularly.

One good way to get an instant sense of flight prices across the board is to use Kayak.com’s simple interface. With just one search, you can find the prices offered by every major carrier on your desired flight times and destinations. If you are planning for a vacation date that is already set in stone, this is a great way to quickly find the absolute cheapest fare that you’re likely to find anywhere. However, as we stated before, a little flexibility in your scheduling can go a surprisingly long way in snagging a discounted fare.

Finally, another free service that definitely deserves a look is AirfareWatchdog, which will show you all the current fares from anywhere in the country, sorted by either a departure or arrival destination. They also offer you a notification service to let you know when the latest pricing for a certain destination is released, or when it drops below a certain price. They offer some commanding prices on many of their flight destinations, so it’s a great place to start planning.

Honolulu Travel Guides

Before you take off for Honolulu, you’ll also want to check out Honolulu’s official travel guide to get a taste of what to expect. They also have plenty of great ideas for vacation planning and fun places to visit during your stay, all set in a colorful and easy-to-use background.

Also check out VirtualToursit’s Honolulu site to find real-life vacationer impressions of countless Honolulu destinations and fun activities. It always pays to know before you go, and having real, unbiased feedback from fellow tourists can really help you avoid some unpleasant memories.


That’s it for this guide to cheap Honolulu flights. We hope you enjoy planning your Hawaii vacation, and that your trip lives up to every one of your expectations!

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