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Peg Perego Car Seats - Shopping for Peg Perego Car Seats - Side Impact Protection, Adjustable Back

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There are so many different choices when it comes to Peg Perego car seats that it can be a bit overwhelming. Just about the only good news about the entire process is the fact that it is pretty hard to go wrong with any of the Peg Perego car seats. All of them get glowing reviews from customers, so it is easy to see why you might want to buy one. Everyone wants only the best for their baby, and Peg Perego are certainly top of the line.

The first thing parents should think about is what age of a child they are buying the seat for. Some of them will work for very small newborns and expand up as the child ages a few years. Others are only for very small babies or older children. It is always best to think in the long term without compromising baby’s safety. Most parents choose to start with an infant car seat and then move to a larger car seat before changing to the booster seat, which is for older children. There is really only one model of Peg Perego car seat, and it is made for infants between five and thirty pounds. It comes in many different colors and fabrics.

Side Impact Protection

The Peg Perego car seats fall under the Primo Viaggio infant car seat model. This one actually exceeds the rules when it comes to side impact protection. It has been tested in numerous ways, and it is one of the best for side impact protection. It also uses the LATCH system for the base, which straps into the car and stays there when mom or dad removes the infant carrier. Also the car seat has been tested both with and without the base, so it is perfectly safe even in cars where it is strapped in the old fashioned way without the base. Another very interesting feature is the fact that it can be used in either cars or airplanes. Many families who travel with baby are looking for a car seat that works in the air, and this is certainly it.

Adjustable Back

Another great feature of Peg Perego is the fact that the back can be adjustable to five different positions. This provides premium comfort for babies who prefer all kinds of different positions. It even comes with a removable cushion that is made specifically for newborn babies. There is also an adjustable handle and a ratcheting hood that makes it very easy to keep baby protected from the sun and all other kinds of weather. There is also a five point safety harness that can be quickly released. The buckle is fail-safe, and there are shoulder pads to prevent baby from being hurt. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration requirements are all met with this seat, which many experts consider to be one of the safest ones on the market.

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