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Project Management Open Source - The Best Project Management for Open Source - Codendi, Gantt Project, ClockingIT

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Project Management for Open Source is an important tool in today’s business world. This type of software is typically web-based, and it allows users to plan and organize their projects. It is especially useful for teams who are collaborating on a project from separate location. Various research firms around the world use several different types of project management for Open Source software. Here’s a look at three of the best products that are used by some of the largest companies.


Codendi is offered by Xerox, so it is pretty clear that this software for project management for open source is going to be very high quality. It uses only one interface, which many users like because it simplifies the entire process. Software development teams have access to everything they need, but users should realize that is typically used for software development and little else. Codendi claims to help increase productivity and even improve the quality of deliveries. It also lowers project development costs, which is a very important factor in today’s world. Project managers can create a new project with just one click, and executives will cut back on how much they pay for licensing and infrastructure of their software firm. There is a free community edition which allows users to try it out before they buy it. Businesses that are interested in the Pro edition then deal directly with salespeople to discuss their needs and pricing that is specific to their business.

Gantt Project

Businesses that need a more flexible type of software should check out Gantt Project. This software offers a complete work breakdown structure and the ability to define milestones. It also has a place to assign people to specific tasks and even generate a PERT charge. Users also can save their charts as PNG images or create reports in either PDF or HTML formats. This software makes it very easy to collaborate and share work across the web with co-workers at different locations. Gantt Project is free, although it may not be as easy to use as some of the other similar products that are out on the market.


Firms that are looking for a free solution should definitely check out ClockingIT. This software keeps track of every task and how much time is spent on them. It uses drag and drop methods to keep track of everything, including several projects all at once. Managers know exactly why they are falling behind and have the opportunity to correct the issues before they become real problems. Users like the clean interface and the way it uses the Gantt chart and scheduling. There are also multiple ways to get in touch with other team members, which is extremely important when dealing with a major time crunch. This software is one of the easier tools to use, so employees of all levels of expertise with computers should have no problem figuring it out.

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over 1 year ago

To whom it may concern,
I am currently investigating different project management software programs and noticed that your first description is about Codendi. Namely your remark about the quality of the program as it is a project of Xerox caught my eye. I have visited the site and was disappointed to find that the site is written in half French and English. Furthermore, I couldn't find any option where I could trial the program.
As the copyright of this site is relatively up-to-date (as in to this year) would you be to provide an update on the status of codendi?
Kind Regards,