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In Home Elderly Care - Tips for Choosing In Home Elderly Care - Check references, Look for someone with a wide array of knowledge, Environmental Hazards

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Realizing that your parents need in home elderly care is never easy. Often senior citizens want to stay in their own homes, but their children just cannot stay home with them all day to take care of them. In home elderly care is the perfect solution, but how can you know that your parents will be getting the highest quality care that they can possibly get? Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for in home elderly care.

Check references

The most important thing to do when you start the search for in home elderly care is check the references of the person you are considering. If the person works with a larger company, then you might not be able to check the references of the individual people who come, but you can look into the selection process the company uses to choose their in home elderly care givers. Also if the company has a history of problems, then there will be a record of it, especially in the form of lawsuits or formal complaints to organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

Look for someone with a wide array of knowledge

Another important consideration to make when looking for in home care for elderly is the fact that you might one day need more knowledge in that person than what you need right now. Even if your loved one is not currently suffering from dementia, you will want someone who recognizes the signs early and can alert you to the possibility that the person is developing it. You may want to look for a company or person who specializes in all kinds of care, like Alzheimer’s respite care, or other issues. This is especially important if your loved one already has a health problem that needs constant attention, but having someone who knows and recognizes signs of other problems early on is also very valuable.

Environmental Hazards

Another important thing to start thinking about when you enlist the help of elderly in home care is all of the environmental hazards that could play a role. Whether the caregiver will be with your loved one all the time or not, you will want to take some safety measures. Eliminate falling hazards as much as possible and secure all electrical cords, making sure that they are away from water sources. Also take a look around the kitchen and make sure that flammable items are kept away from the stove. Remember that even an in home elderly care giver might have to step away for a minute to use the restroom, and it is during these moments when some patients, especially those who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s, can get into trouble. It also helps to point out the measures you take to the caregiver and ask for additional advice on the subject. You will know you have found a quality caregiver when he or she is already aware of steps that should be taken to protect the senior citizen in his or her own home.

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