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Environmental Health Jobs - Searching for Environmental Health Jobs - The World Health Organization, The Centers for Disease Control, Smaller organizations

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Environmental health jobs are a great way to work in the health field without settling for a traditional job in medicine. Workers who look for environmental health jobs typically deal with every kind of factor that affects the outward health of people, including physical, chemical, and biological factors. Workers in this area of expertise typically focus on preventing disease and creating environments that are healthy and keep diseases and other health hazards from spreading. People in environmental health jobs are responsible for keeping us all safe and helping to point out health hazards that are in our environment that we might not be otherwise aware of. Let’s take a look at some of the largest organizations that have plenty of environmental health jobs to fill.

The World Health Organization

Many people who work in environmental health consider the World Health Organization to be the top of the line in terms of career opportunities. The organization works all over the world and is often the front line protection in some serious environmental hazards. The organization conducts research on all areas of concern, including some that most people are not aware of, like the safety of body art and noise pollution control. This organization probably has the widest array of different kinds of environmental health jobs available, so it is worth checking out.

The Centers for Disease Control

People who want to work within the range of infectious diseases should definitely try to look at jobs at the Centers for Disease Control. This is a much more focused place than the World Health Organization because it aims to control infections that are spread by person to person contact. Whenever there is a serious infection that seems to be spreading rapidly, the Centers for Disease Control is called in to help bring it under control. The agency even works on basic outbreaks like influenza or the common cold, trying to educate people on ways to avoid catching it.

Smaller organizations

People who are not yet at the level to work for the WHO or the CDC should consider one of the many smaller companies that have environmental health jobs available. Local utility companies are great places to start. Even Motorola has openings for an environmental health specialist. Also pharmaceutical companies like Merck typically need a specialist in this part of the health field. In fact, any company that does any kind of manufacturing will typically need some kind of environmental health worker to help ensure that their methods are not damaging the environment and making people in the community sick. These types of jobs tend to be more rare because these companies do not employ a lot of them. GE, 3M Company, and Lockheed Martin are also large companies that will need environmental specialists. Many people who work in this field find themselves climbing the ladder and becoming more specialized as they focus in on what kind of larger environmental health job they might want.

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