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Middle School Science Projects - The Best Sites for Middle School Science Projects - Easy Kids Science Experiments, Cool Science Projects, All Science Fair Projects

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For science teachers, it can be a challenge to always think of some middle school science projects that can keep their students motivated and excited about learning. However, the good news is that there are so many different ways to use science that there are plenty of ideas for middle school science projects out there. Sometimes all that is needed is a quick refresher course on how to connect with students through the wonderful world of science. Here are some great websites for middle school science projects any teacher can try out at his or her school.

Easy Kids Science Experiments

Easy Kids Science Experiments is wonderful because it illustrates everything very simply in step by step videos. It has a complete listing of many projects that are perfect for middle school age students. Some of them, like the balloon hovercraft, are very high tech, while others are simpler, like the sundial. Each of the experiments lists which area of science it is meant to illustrate, which makes it very easy for science teachers to hone in on one particular discipline. Each of the projects also lists carefully all of the things that are needed, so any teacher should have no problem assembling the necessary things for the experiments.

Cool Science Projects

Another great site to look at is Cool Science Projects. This site starts with a few simple ideas, which any teacher can then adjust to his or her own needs for class. In many cases, all teachers need is just a small jolt of an idea, and this is the site for that. There are also full listings of physics, biology, and chemistry experiments that are perfect for middle school students. There is an entire section about different things that can be done with eggs, which is very interesting. The only downside to this website is that it does take a little bit more imagination than the first one does. The projects are not spelled out as clearly as they are on the other site, but teachers who prefer to make their own ideas should find plenty of nuggets to work with here.

All Science Fair Projects

Teachers who already have an idea for what kind of project they want to do but just need a little bit of help with the actual technique should check out All Science Fair Projects. This site offers a search feature that the other two sites do not have. Teachers can also choose to browse specific topics and even find many additional resources. The site is organized into the various science disciplines, and there are even more specific choices here than on most other sites. Areas like microbiology, biochemistry, and medicine really make this site stand out above all others. Another nice thing about this site is that the projects each come with their own hand-out, another nice time saving item for teachers.

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