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Car Insurance Classic Car - Shopping for Car Insurance for a Classic Car - Grundy, American Collectors Insurance, Hagerty

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Many people think buying car insurance is simple, but shopping for car insurance for a classic car is more difficult because there are a lot of other factors that must be taken into account. After all, the car is more than just a car. In some cases it is a piece of history that can never be replaced if it ever becomes damaged. Here are some reviews of the top three companies that offer car insurance for a classic car.


One of the most well-known companies that offers car insurance for a classic car is Grundy. The company has been insuring classic cars for more than 60 years, so it knows pretty much everything there is to know about this type of car insurance. One of the things customers like most about Grundy is the fact that it allows unlimited mileage for collector cars. Many companies that offer car insurance for a classic car put extreme limits on the number of miles it can be driven each year. This makes it extremely difficult to drive the car to shows where it can be exhibited. Drivers who are looking for a quote from this company can simply go to the website, enter in their information, and then an agent will call them back shortly.

American Collectors Insurance

One great thing about American Collectors Insurance is the fact that it will insure vehicles that are as new as 15 years old. Some other car companies require that they must be much older than that before they can be considered collectibles. The policies from this company also account for the fact that the vehicle is going to increase in value throughout the years. Many policies do not allow for this appreciation in value. They automatically figure in a 2 percent increase in the value of the car, and that increase can go up as high as 8 percent in one year, depending on what kind of car it is. This company is very selective about who can buy policies from it. Only drivers who have had good records for 10 years or more are able to get insurance from American Collectors. Quotes arrive instantly through the company’s website.


Another company that has quickly become very well-known for its classic car insurance is Hagerty. Although the company has only been insuring collectibles since 1991, it has been in existence for more than 40 years. The company is also well-known in the news because it lobbies for the rights of classic car owners. Hagerty does not accept street cars for racing, any vehicle driven on a regular basis, or any replicas of collectible vehicles. Many people will find that Hagerty offers the lowest prices on its policies, but it pays to read between the lines. The policies do not have deductibles for cars that are older than 1987, which certainly can be a savings. However, be sure the check closely with the mileage limitations from this company.

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