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Career One Stop - Services Provided by Career One Stop Center

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Jobs in the United States are more difficult to find now than they have ever been in the history of the country, save for the Great Depression. Not only is this a difficult time for the hundreds of thousands who have lost their jobs and are seeking new ones, but it is very difficult for new graduates and everyone entering the workforce for the first time. In a rare moment of wisdom from the federal government, it was seen that U.S. workers required help with job seeking, job training, and career management. Thus, the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 was passed. A provision of this act called for the creation of Career One Stop Centers to be created and staffed in cities across the country.

Career One Stop Centers are an important part of the federal job training program and a system of comprehensive workforce investment. They are meant to be a customer-focused organization that provides all Americans and U.S. residents with a set of high-quality tools that can be used to by both job-seekers and employers. Career One Stop Centers are bound by seven key principles embodied in the federal act:

  1. Streamlined service
  2. Individual empowerment
  3. Universal system access
  4. Center accountability for performance/statistics
  5. Local private-sector board members
  6. Flexibility for specific state and local needs
  7. Strong youth programs

As a major source of information, Career One Stop Centers are made not only to help individuals find meaningful jobs and manage their future careers, but to provide inspiration to their customers to keep them going until they successfully reach their goals. Career One Stop services include the following:

National Service Locator
The Service Locator provided by Career One Stop helps individuals connect to local opportunities for employment and training. In addition, the Service Locator provides information for connecting with other services and government agencies that are often needed by job-seekers, such as education advancement, unemployment benefits, and help in career development.

Career InfoNet
The Career One Stop InfoNet helps customers learn about different educational, training, and career opportunities available so they can make informed choices on a course of action. Available information includes industry overviews, salary ranges, self-assessment applications, and other tools that can be used to explore career choices and develop talents that can be converted into job skills.

mySkills myFuture
This service is made for workers that have been laid-off from their full-time jobs or for those who still have a full-time job but want to change their career. The available tools help individuals find careers closely-related to theirs that use the same skill sets. Suggestions, local training, and links to job applications are all available.

Competency Models
This service is for the business community. It helps local businesses describe the skills that are needed by their employees. The skills required are then used to help develop training resources to establish a local work pool.

Worker Re-employment
This is a combination of services tailored for those who have recently been laid-off or have otherwise lost their jobs. Information and resources are available for unemployment insurance, financial help, and healthcare. Other information focuses on career changes, resume services, training, and education.

Military Transition
Career information and work-related services are available that are made to fit the needs of veterans and those recently discharged/retired from military service.

To locate a Career One Stop center near you, the national headquarters can be reached by phone toll-free at 877-348-0502 between the hours of 7am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

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