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Electric Outdoor Grills - Pros and Cons of Electric Outdoor Grills

propane charcoal cooking grilling

There is a definite hierarchy of outdoor grillers and the instruments they choose to use. At one end of the spectrum are the purists. The most extreme of the purists demand that outdoor grilling can only be accomplished with a stone grill housing the coals of real hardwoods. At the next level are those who believe pure outdoor grilling can be accomplished with charcoal briquettes and hardwood shavings for a bit of flavorful smokiness. The next level consists of those who don’t believe you need a solid fuel source for good outdoor grilling. These are the propane-enthusiasts. The final group of outdoor grillers believes that a fire isn’t necessary at all. This group gets by on electric outdoor grills.

The grilling purists would have a conniption if you told them you were going to use an outdoor cooking grill. Even the propane guys would raise an eyebrow at preparing a barbeque with an electric outdoor grill. However odd it may seem, there are some benefits to using this new-fangled cooking device over other more traditional types of grills. Here are the benefits of using outdoor cooking grills:
No Fuel – There is no need for fuel with an electric outdoor grill. This means that as long as you have electricity, you never have to worry about running out of wood, charcoal, or propane. You also don’t have to use up any valuable space in your home or shed for storing these fuels.

Ease-of-Use – Electric outdoor grills are easier to use than other types of grills. There is no fussing over getting the coals lit and burning. There are no knobs to adjust or safety valves to open on the propane tank. All you have to do is plug it in and flip a switch.

Fast – Electric grills never need any time to warm up or prepare. They are ready to go within one minute of turning them on.

Safe – Since there are no open flames involved with electric outdoor cooking grills, they can’t get out of hand and start dangerous errant fires. If the dog tips over the grill, the most damage that will be done is the loss of a few good pork chops. Many electric outdoor grills also come with safety panels on the sides so they never get hot and cause accidental burns.

Less Messy – As a rule, electric outdoor grills are easier to clean after use. There is no messy ash to take care of, no black charcoal pieces to mar up your skin and clothes, and the grills themselves are made of easy-to-clean plastics that just require a simple wipe down. The inside of an electric outdoor grill usually comes with a grease-catching pan, to further simplify matters. The toughest cleanup is the cooking grate, but such is the case with types of grills.

Less Expensive – In most cases, the electricity required for electric outdoor grills will cost much less than the charcoal or propane for a dinner of equal size.

More Control – Many electric grills have precise temperature controls. This ensures your food is always cooked exactly the way you like it. Other grills require guessing and setting up hot zones.

Of course, electric grills also have some major disadvantages:

Flavor – Natural hardwoods and charcoal with wood chips gives the best flavor. Nothing can equal the taste of natural smoke. The only option that comes close is the addition of a smoker box, and not every electric grill can accommodate them.

Size – Most electric grills are small, portable units. They cannot compare to a full-size propane or charcoal grill. If you are throwing a party, you may need more than one grill or some of your guests will be waiting a long time while others have already finished.

Electricity – While needing only electricity can be a boon, it is also a bane. Electric outdoor grills cannot be used while camping, at the park, or in other areas that do not have electrical outlets. Even using them in your own backyard may require you run a long extension cord to your barbequing area.

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