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Palm Beach Vacations - The Best Palm Beach Vacations - Outdoor activities, Mar-a-Lago, The Henry Morrison Flagler Museum

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Taking a trip is always exciting, and there are so many different Palm Beach vacations that anyone can find the perfect activity for them. Of course the myriad of available activities can also be overwhelmed, so it helps to have a clear plan in mind before you even get on the plane or take off in the car. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular activities that make for great Palm Beach vacations.

Outdoor activities

The number one reason most people become interested in Palm Beach vacations is because of the beautiful beach. Of course this leaves plenty of the standard beach activities like tanning or swimming, but there are also a lot of other things that can be done outdoors. There are a lot of water activities like snorkeling, or kayaking. Peanut Island is a great destination for kayakers, and many people love the historic ties to former President John F. Kennedy.

Many vacationers also enjoy the hiking trails. One very unique way to truly enjoy the Palm Beach area is to rent a bike. The Lake Trail is for bike riders, joggers, or walkers, and it allows vacationers really get out and explore. Those who have enjoyed the Lake Trail do recommend that you take a map along because sometimes the path is not marked very well and it is very easy to get off the trail.


Not many Palm Beach vacations would be complete without a trip to the spa, and Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago is definitely the top of the line. This five star hotel also has guest rooms and is a complete experience in itself, but people who are not staying at the hotel can get in and enjoy the beautiful grounds, tennis courts, pools, and spa. Also private beach cabanas really allow vacationers to take some time and relax without a care in the world.

The Henry Morrison Flagler Museum

Another great piece of history that really makes Palm Beach vacations complete is the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum. This 73-room mansion is full of an incredible art collection and some of the original pieces of furniture that were used in the house. Vacationers are free to take a tour and then spend as much or as little time as they want to just wandering around the estate. Most people appreciate actually being able to take pictures at this estate, unlike many other historic estates that do not allow guests to take photos.

Palm Beach Country Club

For many people, golf also plays a major role in vacation, and the Palm Beach Country Club is definitely the place to go. It was designed by Donald Ross, and it is built on natural coral ridges 40 feet up in the air amidst gorgeous rolling sand dunes and incredible landscaping. The course is rather short, although it does have some amazing holes that you simply will not find anywhere else on any other golf course in the world.

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