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George Foreman Electric Grill - Buying a George Foreman Electric Grill

standard surface cooking stick

One of the most surprising and amazing success stories in the realm of kitchen appliances is the George Foreman Electric Grill. When the grill was first released in 1994, it was initially only available by calling the toll-free number on the George Foreman-hosted infomercial. Everyone in good company laughed at, as with all infomercial items, but some people secretly wrote down that number and ordered one once their friends had all gone home. Today, the George Foreman Grill is available in a wide variety of styles and has entered the modern lexicon as a standard and authentic cooking device.

It is argued that the electric George Foreman Grill would not have reached its current popularity without the charming personality of the ex-heavyweight champ. When he regained the title 17 years after he initially held it in 1977, he was the talk of the sports world and a household name. Salton contacted Foreman that same year and one of the most successful endorsement deals in history was born.

The original grill is called the “Lean Mean Fat Reducing Machine.” It is a small countertop contact grill in a clamshell design. Ridged contact elements with a non-stick surface are on the top and the bottom. The unit sits with the rear at a higher angle than the front. This allows the grease from the cooked foods to drain out of the cooking foods and into a removable collection tray on the front.

The George Forman Grill has now sold over 100 million total units. Although the exact profit that Salton, now Russell Hobbs, Inc., has made is unknown, but it is known that George Foreman personally netted over $200 million, much more than he had ever made from his two-time run as a professional boxer.

Today, there are 38 different models of George Foreman Electric Grills for sale in four separate categories. George Foreman also has a line of other kitchen appliances that include a toaster oven, griddle, electric skillet, and a multi-cooker. The most popular grills in each category are as follows:

Champ Grill
This is a small George Foreman Electric Grill. It is designed to cook only two servings at a time on its 36 square inch surface. It features the standard sloped design and railed no-stick contacts. It heats quickly and evenly and the drip tray is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. It sells for $19.99 and comes with a no-stick spatula.

Next Grilleration
The next Grilleration George Foreman Grill is also in the standard grill design with the standard elements, but it has a 72 square inch cooking surface so it can be used to cook for up to 4 people at a time. It features integrated handles on both sides of the grill, a triple-coated non-stick surface, and a temperature indicator light. It also has a 1.5” rear floating hinge so thick cuts of meat can be accommodated. The two ribbed grill plates are removable so they can be washed easily. It comes with two drip trays and two custom spatulas. The Next Grilleration sells for $49.99.

360 Grill
This is the largest and most versatile of the George Foreman Electric Grills. It has a 106 square inch cooking surface that can be converted to be used for a variety of different foods. It can become a deep-dish pizza maker, omelet or pancake griddle, a quesadilla press, or a standard Foreman Grill. It comes with a set of five circular grill plates, a temperature control slide, and an adjustable tilt. It comes with two drip trays and two custom spatulas. This large model sells for $69.99.

Indoor/Outdoor Domed Grill
This is a departure from the standard George Foreman Electric Grill style. It has only a bottom cooking surface, but it is 240 square inches in size. The grill plate is double-coated with non-stick surfacing. It features a sliding temperature control and center drain for runoff. It can be used on a table or bench-top, but it also comes with a separate stand. This model sells for $99.99.

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George Foreman Electric Grill is best among electric grills

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George Foreman Electric Grill is best among electric grills