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Cart Shopping Software - The Best Cart Shopping Software - Big Commerce, Volusion, Fortune3 Gold

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When you first start a website, looking for the best cart shopping software can seem like a very big job. This is even more true if you are not very technically minded and do not realize that there are so many different companies that offer this same service on various websites. The only way anyone can know for sure is to read many reviews on several of the different cart shopping software programs. We have collected customer reviews on the three most popular companies that offer a cart shopping software program.

Big Commerce

One of the highest rated cart shopping software programs is Big Commerce. Experts say it might even be the most complete one that is available right now. People who use this program say it is one of the easiest ones to use, which makes it great for everyone, including people who are not particularly web savvy. It also has plenty of features and can work very well for websites with a lot of need for a shopping cart or those that are just smaller scale websites. Users appreciate how easy the software makes it for customers to see what they have for sale on their site, and they also like how it keeps all of the contact information for visitors to the site in a separate address book. Big Commerce also gets very high marks for security, offering SSL certificates for an extra fee, which insure up to $150,000 if anything happens with the security of your customers’ payment information on your site. Big Commerce sells for around $80.


Website owners who are really wanting to impress their customers should check out the cart shopping software from Volusion. The company that makes this program has been around for more than 10 years, which is certainly saying a lot in the land of technology and especially cart shopping software. Volusion especially gets high marks in the area of web design because of all the customization features that are available. Setup was also very easy, as were administrative functions and inventory control. The experts say that Volusion is probably the most secure software available for shopping carts right now, even more so than Big Commerse. It is completely PCI certified, which not many other software programs can actually say. PCI is the Payment Card Industry, which keeps track of the security of credit card transactions. Volusion is priced right at $100.

Fortune3 Gold

Website owners who already have an ecommerce background should definitely check out Fortune3 Gold. This software does take a little bit more experience to use, so it is definitely not for beginners, but people who already know a lot about ecommerce will really appreciate the numerous reports on sales, marketing, and inventory. Setting up a site with this software is pretty complex, but overall there are no problems with it. Fortune3 Gold gets its highest marks in marketing and security. All of the reports are sure to help the website owner stay on track with sales, and for security, it has SSL certification and fraud protection. Fortune3 Gold is priced around $70.

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