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Day Care Franchise - How to Open a Day Care Franchise

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Opening a day care franchise can be both a rewarding and challenging proposition for a business and a career. However, it is by no means easy or simple. If you love children and don’t mind expanding that love to 10 or more children every day, this can be the business of your dreams. You will have an opportunity to help mothers provide for their children by allowing them to work. You will also be able to care for and teach the children as you watch them grow every day. You will be able to help them discover the world and in so doing you just may discover something new about yourself in the process.

A day care franchise is a business that is required in every city and every community. The need for new day care franchises is only expected to grow. Some new day care owners start out by watching children the same age as their own children and then expand from there. However you do it, there are many considerations and preparations to make before you can open your doors.

The first thing you will have to do if you want to open a day care franchise is to get a notebook and begin a business plan. There are many factors to consider. You must first think about what type of physical location you are going to use. You can open a home day care, a stand-alone day care, or a day care center located inside of another building, such as a corporate building, church, community center, or fitness center.

Before you can open a day care franchise, you must be sure that you are prepared to meet the needs of all the children. These needs will be in three realms: physical, emotional, and intellectual. The exact details of what is needed to meet these needs depend on the ages of the children. Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers all need slightly different versions of care. You must decide if your day care franchise will take in all of these ages, or only specific age groups.

Once you decide on the age groups you will be working with, you have to decide the limit of the number of children you accept. You must be prepared to meet this limit by having an appropriate number of staff members who are prepared to take on specific groups or times. Staffing will require a whole set of plans. After you have established your requirements, you must make sure all types of positions are covered. You must come up with a wage schedule, benefits, and training. You must place ads or otherwise find prospects that must be interviewed, screened, and evaluated.

Daily activities at your day care franchise will need to be predetermined and scheduled. Make a sample daily schedule for each age group that includes motor skills activities, imaginative/creative activities, reading/numbers activities, and outdoor activities. You will also need to plan lunches or snacks. Some infants may require bottle feeding, and you will have to work with specific diet plans each child may have.

Another consideration to make is how to deal with emergencies. These emergencies may involve only a single child or the entire facility. You need a plan for behavioral problems and behavior management/discipline. You must know what is acceptable and what is not. You will also need to have a first aid kit and emergency telephone numbers. A fire escape plan will also be necessary.

When you have sufficiently planned your day care franchise, you will have to think about how you will get new clients. You will have to market your day care franchise and interview clients before blindly accepting their children. You must determine what your fees will be and have a invoices and receipts ready.

Many day care franchises will provide you with instructions and a system to follow, but this depends on the particular franchise. Here are some of the most popular day care franchises available now:

  • Kiddie Academy – requires $150,000 in cash on-hand, and a net worth of $500,000.
  • Bricks 4 Kidz – requires only a $30,000 investment and provides training and support.
  • Children’s Lighthouse – requires $1.5 to $2.5 million investment.
  • Rainbow Station – requires $5 to $7 million in capital.
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