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Playa Del Carmen Weather - Playa del Carmen Weather Makes for a Perfect Vacation

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Playa del Carmen is a resort city in northeastern Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. The city is located on the Caribbean seacoast just south of Cancun. The city has a population of just over 100,000 and it is considered a balneario, which is a Spanish term for a resort or spa town with heavy tourism. A balneario is differentiated from a playa, or beach, by its planned system of amenities catering to tourists. The Playa del Carmen weather is what makes the city the perfect balneario.

There is no doubt that without the great Playa del Carmen weather, the city would be little more than a fishing a village. With the city located at a latitude of 20-degrees, between the Tropic of Cancer and the equator, it falls into the world’s tropical zone. Playa del Carmen weather can be split up into three distinct seasons instead of the usual four.

Playa del Carmen Weather December to February
This is the end of the tourist season (if there is such a thing) in Playa del Carmen. The temperature is at its lowest during these months, and on sunny days, it makes for prime swimming and beach weather. Cloudy days are a rare occurrence because this season has the least amount of rainfall and the lowest humidity. The downside to this season is that the daytime hours are the shortest of the year. The average high temperature during this season is 80F to 82F. Daily lows are from 68F to 70F.

Playa del Carmen Weather March to May
This season is when the city begins to really heat up for the year. Without an umbrella and a good sunscreen, you will easily burn and dehydrate from a day on the beach. Water temperatures, however, take some time to catch up with the air temperature, so the waters will provide a very refreshing means of cooling down. The rains in the region begin to pick up in April, but are nowhere near the July and August levels. Average highs during this season are 83F to 88F. Lows are between 69F and 74F. March and April are busy times in the city because of Spring Break travelers, but it quiets down in May, making it one of the best months to visit.

Playa del Carmen Weather June to August
This is both the hottest and the wettest season in the city. Playa del Carmen weather at this time reaches its peaks and so does tourism. In August, many people find the heat in August to be unbearable, and the sand on the beaches can easily reach temperature too hot to walk on with bare feet. Dehydration and sunburn are both real concerns during this time. It is estimated that severe sunburn can occur within only 15 minutes at noon on the typical day. July and August are the height of the rainy season. The average rainfall is 2.43 and 2.62 inches during these months, respectively. The highs during this season range from 87F to 89F and the lows average 75F.

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