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Car Rental Vegas - Searching for a Car Rental in Vegas - Thrifty, Dollar Rent a Car, Alamo

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Finding a car rental in Vegas can be a very big task. There are many companies that offer Vegas rental cars, and you never know what you are going to get. Some companies may have very helpful customer service, while others seem to be lacking in this area. Also some of them might have quite a few different kinds of vehicles to choose from, while others are a lot more limited. Here are some reviews of places to get a car rental in Vegas.


Out of all of the car rental companies in Las Vegas, Thrifty is the one that consistently gets positive reviews. More than one site have them listed as top of the line in key areas. Customers who have rented from Thrifty in Las Vegas say that the customer service was excellent, and they were able to rent very high quality vehicles. One customer even reported that it only took him seven minutes to pick up his vehicle. Returning it was even faster, at just one minute. Additionally, people seem to think that Thrifty is less expensive than most other car rental companies in Las Vegas, even when the other companies are offering some kind of special or discount. The company will even rent out a child safe seat for families who are traveling with small children.

Dollar Rent a Car

Dollar Rent a Car also stands out in the area of customer service. Some people even report getting their things back easily after they accidentally left then in the rental car when they turned it in. Customers appreciate the fact that the mileage on many of the cars from Dollar Rent a Car is not restricted, so they can drive all over the Vegas Strip and not worry about paying extra for some additional miles. There are some cases of people actually finding a better deal at Dollar than at Thrifty, although there are also more cases of people having trouble renting a car at Dollar, especially having to stand in line for an hour or more. Also the customer service at Dollar seems to be rather spotty, with excellent service in some locations and very poor service in others.


Another company that offers a car rental in Vegas is Alamo. The main complaint people had with this company was the extremely long lines. The best advice customers have for dealing with this problem is to book ahead and use the kiosk to reduce the amount of time that you have to wait. Customers rate the service at Alamo as average, especially because when asking for directions, they were transferred to someone in India. It certainly does seem strange that a company with a local office in Vegas would look to people from another company for directions to a location in their own city, but it could be that this was just a one-time glitch by the company. In general, though, no one has reported any serious problems with renting a car from Alamo.

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