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Queen Size Bed Dimensions - Understanding Queen Size Bed Dimensions - Best Uses for Queen Size Bed Dimensions, Olympic Queen Bed Dimensions

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Anyone who is trying to find queen size bed dimensions should understand first of all that they measure 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. That is six inches wider and five inches longer than a full mattress. However, couples that are sleeping in a queen size bed will still have less room than if each of them were sleeping in a twin size bed, which is 38 inches across. Aside from these basic measurements, there are also some other things to take into consideration when thinking about queen size bed dimensions.

Best Uses for Queen Size Bed Dimensions

The experts recommend a queen sized bed for master bedrooms that are rather small and for guest bedrooms. It is also perfect for couples who like to sleep very close to each other or for people who sleep alone but like to sprawl out and take up a very large space for themselves.

One thing shoppers should keep in mind when buying bedding for a queen bed is that sometimes it is sold as being for either full or queen size. Avoid this type of bedding completely because it typically does not fit either size very well. This is even true for comforters or blankets, which many people may not realize can cause a problem/

Olympic Queen Bed Dimensions

Customers who are shopping for a queen bed or a mattress for their queen bed should also keep an eye out for a size called an Olympic queen. This bed is actually 66 inches across and 80 inches long, so it does give couples a little more room to themselves. It is still 10 inches smaller in width than a king bed is, so it may be a good choice for couples who want a little more room in their bed but do not have the space for a king size bed. Just keep in mind that sometimes finding bedding for an Olympic queen size bed can be difficult. It is not a standard size, and standard queen size sheets typically will not fit. Be prepared for an uphill battle when it comes to finding bedding for this size of bed.

Other tips and reminders about queen size bed dimensions

It is also very important to remember that the queen size bed dimensions talked about in this article are for the United States. When you travel to other countries, a standard queen size bed might be a slightly different size. For example, the United Kingdon does not even have a bed that is comparable to a king size bed in the United States. Instead, the king size bed in the UK is actually 60 inches, the same as a queen size bed in the United States. The super king bed is only 72 inches, which is not even as big as a standard king bed in the United States.

Even within the same country, shoppers will discover that some manufacturers save off a couple of inches in size just to save a little bit of money. If ever in doubt, get a measuring tape and measure just to make sure you are getting what you think you are.

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