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Womens Dress Casual - Ideas for Women's Dress Casual

jeans cut sheer style

Women’s dress casual clothing comes in many styles and the fashions change every season, but there are few tried and true options with which it is difficult to go wrong. The basic options for women’s dress casual clothing are dresses, jeans, and a choice of tops. Your personal style and your setting will also help you determine what to wear.

One idea for women’s casual dress clothing that is often overlooked is the sheer dress. Many women see look at these garments as a bit risqué, and in a business casual setting, they would be right. In any other setting, however, sheer dresses are an excellent choice. Women who have discovered the versatility of sheer dresses have made them the most used types of clothing in their closets.

The problem with sheer dresses is that they are easy to do wrong, but when they are done right, there is no mistaking the feminine beauty that they can unleash while not having to be formal or looking like you are going out to a nightclub. Following a few simple tips for wearing sheer dresses can help immensely:

  • Sheer dresses should be a complement to an overall women’s dress casual style. They should never be the star of the show.
  • Try a solid-color cotton dress as a base with a sheer dress over it. Be sure to keep the color palette roughly the same. You can you use other accessories for contrast.
  • Keep it loose. It is the rare woman who can get away with a form-fitting sheer dress.

The next idea for women’s dress casual clothing is a good pair of jeans. For many women, the best style of jeans will be one of the slimming styles. A number of factors can lead to a pair of jeans being labeled as slimming. It can be the style, the cut, the material, or a combination of these. Although skinny jeans sound like a great choice, they are not slimming jeans and should be avoided in most cases.

There are three main choices in cut for a pair of slimming women’s dress casual jeans:

  • Slight Flair – This cut slightly flairs at the ankles while hugging the legs above. It creates a contrast with the waist that makes for a slim silhouette.
  • Boot Cut – Boot cut jeans are the most popular style of jeans for women who want a casual but slimming look. This cut is slightly tight around the thighs, and then it tapers at the knees.
  • Wide Leg – The wide leg cut is also known as the trouser style. The wide legs make your waist appear smaller and flatter than it actually may be. This is a great cut for women whose thighs are a little wider than they’d like them to be.

Another great style for women’s dress casual that should not be ignored is the tunic. Tunics are a relaxed and comfortable style of garment that has a multitude of uses. They usually have simple, yet pleasing patterns and a simple cut that harkens back to another era while remaining completely modern. Tunics are a great match-up with jeans that can tip over the edge of being too casual and into the realm of being stylish casual. If the weather and setting permits, you don’t even need to wear jeans with a tunic. You can go with simple cotton leggings for an active yet sexy look.

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