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Womens Down Coat - Selecting a Women's Down Coat

coats women’s style cold

When selecting a new coat, you have a wide range of choices. Your selection will most likely depend on the climate you expect to be in during the winter. If you live in the south, you will probably choose a lighter material and base your specific selection more on style. If you live in the north, however, you will undoubtedly need to factor in the cold. This will eliminate a great many materials from the running.

One choice that had lost its popularity for several decades is making a comeback. A women’s down coat has once again become an excellent material for both the cold weather and for style. There are several advantages to a down coat that has brought it back into the mainstream. However, if you have concerns about the use of animal products, you may still want to stay clear. It is unknown how the birds are treated and how the down is collected with many brands of women’s down coat, but to be honest, it is no worse than the wearing of leather. So, if you can wear leather without it producing a moral dilemma, there should be no concern with down.

While many women prefer a down jacket to a coat, a jacket is definitely only for a very specific temperature range. If you opt for buying a down jacket, you will still need a coat for the deep winter. You may be able to get by if you are not a real outdoorsy person, but if you plan on spending any amount of time outside in the wind and cold, you will want to invest in a women’s down coat and a jacket, if they are in your budget. Coats have a benefit over jackets in that they provide greater protection from the cold and they cover more of your body. Jackets usually end at the waist, but most coats will cover your hips and some will go down to your upper thighs.

Besides the prospect of furthering animal cruelty, many people avoid down for another reason: it can be a powerful allergen. Like pet fur, some people can have a strong allergic to down. It can cause a runny nose, sneezing, red eyes, and swollen glands. If you are not one of those who have an adverse reaction to down, you can consider yourself lucky and there is nothing stopping you from enjoying the benefits of a women’s down coat.

Women’s down coats are so stylish because down is such a great insulator. Unlike many other types of winter coats, down coats are not as thick and restricting. This allows them to be tailored in a number of fashions, some of which are very figure-enhancing and feminine. The sporty winter ski parka style can be very sexy, and down coats are perfect for this look. They are especially flattering in white with a high collar protecting the neck. When you accessorize the coat with a pair of black or white gloves, a knit cap, and a pair of leather boots, you get a style that will be turning the heads of all the guys that see you, and at the same time, you can be assured of keeping warm.

If you yearn for a women’s down coat, but it is not an option for you, for one reason or another, there are synthetic down coats available that are surprisingly similar in performance and style. Choosing a synthetic down coat can help keep you fashionable while not destroying your health or karma.

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