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Womens Down Jackets - Advantages of Women's Down Jackets

women’s cold people coat

When shopping for a new jacket, one age-old option has recently come back into style – women’s down jackets. While women’s down jackets have not been so popular in the past few years, they are quickly becoming the new winter trend. The trend started in the bedroom. People began to rediscover the benefits of down comforters, duvets, and pillows. Once they found out that they slept better than ever before with no ill effects, their thoughts turned to the once-popular down-filled jackets and coats of yore.

The advantages of women’s down jackets are plentiful and big enough to sway people back from what was recently considered a taboo material. Here are some of the benefits of women’s down jackets:

Down is a natural material that has properties that cannot be reproduced by man-made materials. Down are fluffy feathers without the spines that come from ducks and geese. Down is what keeps ducks, geese, and other birds from the numbing cold at the high altitudes in which they must fly. Although the material is much more expensive than man-made fillers, if you spend the extra money it takes to buy a women’s down jacket, you will discover that nothing is better at insulating you from the cold than down. Not only does down insulate you from the cold, it actually absorbs the heat from your body, forming a protective layer inside the coat that can actually have you sweating if it is not sufficiently cold outside.

Because down does such a good job at heating you up, some people opt not to go for a full down coat unless they are living in such cold weather climes as New England, the Mid-west, Minnesota, or in the mountains. If you live in anyplace that only experiences mild winters or moderate winters, a down coat will be overkill. A women’s down jacket will be enough to get you through the entire season. This is not only due to down’s excellent insulating properties, but is due to their next major benefit: a high warmth-to-weight ratio. Down is very light and only a thin layer is needed for you to reap its benefits.

The warmth-to-weight ratio is not only advantageous in women’s down jackets in its ability to keep you warm, but in the range of styles in which they can be made. Because you only need a small layer of down insulation, the jacket can be styled in a variety of ways. There is no need to make it bulky and unwieldy like jackets made from other materials. Women’s down jackets are extremely light. They can be made in both short and long styles, with buttons, with zippers, and with or without an attached hood. These styles can change and be tweaked as each season brings in its new trends.

Down also has a couple of disadvantages, the biggest of which is its inability to hold up when wet. Down is not meant to get wet. When it is still on the bird, it is protected from moisture by the outer feathers that have a coating of natural oils on them. When it is in a coat, there is no such protection. The only protection is the outer and inner layers of the jacket. This may be enough for light precipitation, but should the jacket become submerged or should you be caught in a downpour, down will lose its properties of insulation until it can dry.

Another disadvantage of women’s down jackets is that there is some question as to how the down is obtained by some manufacturers. Allegations claim that the geese and ducks are held in abusive conditions, so many people who are sensitive to animal rights issues choose not to use down.

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over 3 years ago

It all dependes on the goose down quality: in Italy for example only cinellistudiostore.it can claim 50 years of experience in this field and it really makes the difference under a quality point of view...