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Women's Linen Pants - Women's Linen Pants for Spring and Summer

women’s perfect natural shades

When shopping for spring and summer clothing, women’s linen pants are one item that should not be passed up. These versatile garments are perfect for any casual situation during the spring or summer whether it is outdoors or indoors. If you plan on going to the beach or taking a vacation anywhere where you expect lots of sunshine, women’s linen pants should have a place right next to the summer dresses.

Linen is commonly used in spring and summer skirts and dresses, but this fabric is perfect for pants, also. True linen is a fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant. It is considered difficult to manufacture. It has actually become commonplace to call cotton or hemp fibers woven in linen fashion to be called linen, but anything made of cotton cannot be called a true linen. Another mistake people commonly make is that linens are a common term for bath towels and bedding, no matter what fabrics they are made from.

Women’s linen pants have several beneficial properties that make them very popular during the summer. For one, linen is three times stronger than cotton. Because the fibers are smooth they do not create or hold lint. Linen has a natural sheen and it does not produce static electricity. This same property keeps them from collecting dirt and staining.

Women’s linen pants are highly absorbent and very breathable. This is what makes them perfect for the summer. They reduce sweating, and readily absorb the sweat that does form, keeping you cool at all times. Because linen is smooth, it doesn’t stick to your skin. This allows it to billow out, so the sweat it absorbs dries very quickly.

Linen has one major flaw that keeps some people away from it. You will find that women’s linen pants are very susceptible to wrinkling. It almost always requires ironing when it comes out of the laundry. In addition, linen has a tendency to shrink in a hot tumble drier. For this reason, it is best to air dry linen pants by hanging them in a gentle breeze indoors or out.

The natural color of linen ranges from a shade of ivory to gray or tan. Consequently, these shades are the most popular for women’s linen pants. Off whites, eggshell, cream, and tan are seen often. Many women, however, prefer pure white linen pants. These are made simply by bleaching the natural color out of the fabric. Lately, darker shades of linen have also come into style. It is not uncommon to see shades of blue or even black linens, today.

Women’s linen pants are often worn with a loose linen top. This style is perfect for sunset walks along the beach when the air begins to cool. A loose-fitting linen top and women’s linen pants will keep you warmer than shorts or a short skirt and it is just a tad more acceptable if you are plan on going out for a few drinks at the tiki bar. Flip flops go well with linen pants, but an array of sandals and flats will work, too.

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