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Britax Marathon Car Seats - Buying Britax Marathon Car Seats

child safety forward harness

If you have had a new addition to your family in the last couple of years, you may be in a position where you are looking for a new car seat. When shopping around, you are bound to run into the Britax brand. Britax is a British company that is considered one of the leading manufacturers of children’s safety seats, and their products deserve serious consideration.

Britax has been in the safety business for over 70 years. They began with general automotive safety in 1938, and then expanded into childcare safety in the 1970s. Throughout the years, their innovative designs have led Britax to international recognition as an industry leader. In addition to their UK headquarters and their international headquarters in Germany, Britax now has divisions in seven other countries, including the United States.

Britax child safety products are known for comfortable and innovative designs incorporated into seats are easy to install and use. All Britax child seats undergo a rigorous testing process in one of five international testing facilities. The results of this testing not only allow their current seats to be sold to the public, but they lead to the improvements that are continuously updated into the designs of their seats. Improvements also come about by working directly with the automotive industry and by taking heed to the recommendations of safety experts and consumers.

Among the most popular type of child seat sold by Britax is the convertible child seat. These seats are made to be used throughout the span of your children’s childhood years. They operate as rear-facing seats for children 40 lbs and less, and they convert to front-facing operation for children from 20 to 70 lbs.

The most popular convertible child seats are the Britax Marathon car seats. This best-selling model is now available in two separate designs: the Marathon Classic and the Next Generation Marathon 70.

Britax Marathon 70 Car Seat
This is the newest generation of Britax Marathon car seats. It is made for children weighing 5 lbs up to 70 lbs. and of a height of 49 inches or less. In its rear-facing mode, it accommodates a shoulder height from 9 to 16.75 inches, and in forward-facing mode, it accommodates a shoulder height of 12 to 16.75 inches.

Britax Marathon 70 car seats use SafeCell Technology. This is a series of pockets that compress if there should be an accident. The compression of the pockets reduces the center of gravity, which in turn, reduces the propensity for forward motion. SafeCell Technology keeps the seat stable and your child as safe as possible. In addition, steel bars are integrated into the frame of the seat, keeping it stiff and immobile so it doesn’t flex and propel the child forward.

The next feature of Britax Marathon car seats is the energy-absorbing Versa-Tether. The tether has a staged release that also helps to slow forward movement during a sudden stop or crash. Another attachment keeps the seat from swiveling from side-to-side, and a final tether anchors the top of the seat so it is completely stable.

Britax Marathon car seats have deep side walls that are lined with thick EPP foam that shields your child’s body and distributes any crash force evenly so there is no single point of impact pressure. The five-point harness is also designed to distribute crash force through the strongest parts of your child’s body for maximum protection. The harness is secured by a lower latch connector with a push-button easy-release mechanism. The harness and belts also have a built-in lock-off feature that makes for a snug fit without having to think about it. The final feature of the harness set is the HUGS system, which stands for Harness Ultra Guard System, which works to reduce forward movement.

Britax Marathon car seats are not only functional for safety, but they are very comfortable. Thick, high-density comfort foam lines the interior of the seat, adding an extra layer of cushion. This seat is certified safe for air travel and is constructed in the USA. It has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $279.99.

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