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Engineering Management Jobs - Outlook of Engineering Management Jobs

engineers managers mathematics degrees

Those who have Engineering management jobs act as supervisors for engineer technicians, but as such, must have the full set of skills of technicians and managers. Engineers are responsible for working in specific industries and using specific sciences and mathematics to develop real and practical solutions to modern problems. Engineers usually hold an advanced degree in engineering, a physical science, or mathematics. Examples of engineers include electrical engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, computer engineers, environmental engineers, biomedical engineers, and nuclear engineers.

It is the responsibility of those in engineering management jobs to direct and coordinate the research that is worked on by engineering technicians and other supporting scientists in the completion of advanced scientific jobs that can include developing new technology, improving existing technology, or developing new products.

Not only must all people in engineering management jobs understand their field and all the processes of engineering and mathematics, but they must also be skilled in administration, managing personnel, hiring, budgeting, and other functions of business in general. It is their responsibility to recruit new engineers and efficiently organize their staff to carry out specific duties in different departments that will work together to complete a project as a whole. Engineering managers must be extremely effective communicators because they must relay information and commands to those under them and report to the higher management above them.

It is extremely rare for an individual to be hired into engineering management jobs directly out of school or without having any experience in the field. These jobs are, almost without exception, reserved for those who have spent years as engineers and have proven their skills to their superiors. Engineering management jobs require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Many people in these jobs have multiple bachelor’s degrees or Master’s degrees in engineering management, business administration, mathematics, or other related fields. The top people in these positions hold PhD degrees in their specific scientific field.

In 2008, there were a total of 228,700 filled engineering management jobs in the United States. The leading industry to hire engineering managers is manufacturing. Other top industries with engineering management jobs include science, technical services, and professional services. Government agencies are a large employer of engineers and engineer managers.

By 2018, there are expected to be 246,900 engineering management jobs available. This is a growth rate of 8 percent, which is, while not exceptionally high, about the average rate of growth for all jobs combined in the United States. The growth rate for engineering jobs is much higher, but managers are not expected to follow suit because companies have begun to reorganize their management structure and consolidate managers into jobs with increased responsibility. Those in the best position to get into engineering management jobs are those with engineering experience, advanced degrees, and superior communications skills.

The median salary for engineering management jobs in the U.S. is $115,270. The middle 50% salary range is $91,870 at the low end and $141,730 at the high end. Those in the scientific development and research industry tend to be paid higher than their counterparts in other industries. The industry that pays their engineering managers the least is the architectural industry.

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