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Car Rentals Rome - Airport Car Rentals in Rome

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Rome is not only the capital of Italy, but it is the largest city in the country, having a population of more than 2.7 million people. Although people have inhabited the area where Rome stands for over 14,000 years, the city was thought to have been founded in 753 BC. Due to the city’s great soldiers, the founder’s of Rome eventually spawned one of the largest and most famous empires in the history of the world.

Today, visitors flock to Rome not only for sightseeing, but for official business with the government and the large businesses in the city. If you are new to Italy and its capital, in particular, you may be tempted to get around by looking for car rentals in Rome. However, this is not recommended except by those who have experience driving in some of the larger and older cities of Europe. If you feel that you are good to go for car rentals in Rome, one of the best places to get a car for your stay is at the airport.

The biggest and most used airport in Rome is the Fiumicino Airport, also known as the Rome Leonardo da Vinci airport. There are several options for car rentals in Rome at this airport. If you are travelling into Rome from outside the country, you will first go through customs. Once you have your bags and exit customs, you will be at International Arrivals. To get to the car rental area, you will have to take a walk to the parking garage, which is across the airport roadway. This is made easy by using the covered 4th floor walkway. The walkway will intersect with several other walkways, one of which leads directly to the car rental area.

The rental area is a consolidated area that houses all the service desks for the car rentals at the Rome airport. Once you get checked in at the desk, you will be directed to pick up your car in the garage parking facilities. You will need a ticket provided by the rental car company that allows you to exit the unmanned gates of the garage. If you don’t have a ticket, you will cause quite a stir if other cars are behind you because no one will be able to exit until you walk all the way back to the rental center.

When you are on the road outside the airport, there will be signs that will lead you into the city. Hopefully, you have obtained very specific directions to your lodging accommodations.

There are several choices for airport car rentals in Rome. If you are American, you may be familiar with Hertz and Thrifty. The other choices for rentals are either European or Italian companies. Your selection is as follows:

Hertz (+39-06-6595-4701) – Being the largest car rental company in the world, it is only natural for Hertz to be at the Rome Leonardo da Vinci Airport. Their service at the airport is fast and easy.

Thrifty (+39-06-6501-7450) – Thrifty shares an office at the airport with Auto Europa. They have been operating in Italy since 1980, and Auto Europa has 3,000 vehicles in their Italy fleet. This company is great for luxury or sports car rentals.

Europcar (+39-06-6501-0879) – This is one of the best-known rental car companies in Europe. Europcar offers new vehicles at low prices and they are always easy to deal with.

Maggiore (+39-06-6501-0678) – Maggiore is Italy’s premier rental agency for luxury cars. Although you might have a problem with bigger cars on some of the narrow streets, these cars are very comfortable.

Sixt (+39-06-6501-0678) – Sixt is actually a German car rental company, but they now have locations in over 85 countries. This franchise car rental company always offers great service.

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