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Cement Fiber Siding - Benefits of Cement Fiber Siding

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It is hard to imagine that cement fiber siding has been around for almost one-hundred years, yet so many houses were adorned in gaudy aluminum siding for most of the 20th century. Fiber cement has many benefits as a material for siding that are no longer being ignored. Among the chief reasons why cement fiber siding has become so popular are its durability, versatility, and affordability.

Modern cement fiber siding is made out of a mixture of sand, cellulose, wood fibers, or Portland cement that is spun out into thin, wispy strands and then rolled out and pressed together into strong slabs. The slabs are then baked until they are strong enough to be used as a building material. The slabs are then finished with wood grain patterns before being cut into for use as siding. Finally, before being shipped to builders and consumers, the siding is finished with a primer for added strength and appearance.

One of the primary benefits of cement fiber siding is that it handles well, with one major drawback – it’s heavy. Although precautions have to be taken because of its weight, cement fiber siding is straighter than its wood counterpart. This means you don’t have to spend a lot of time bowing the trim to get perfect alignment. Of course, this is contingent on the siding being handled properly in a vertical position with support in the center.

Cement fiber siding is well-known for its versatility. Although plank siding with wood grain is the most popular, it is far from the only choice. Used as horizontal lap siding, it can come in beaded, traditional, and Dutch varieties. Instead of planks, it can also be cut in square shingles, half rounds, and any other shape imaginable. Many prefer to use cement fiber siding in a vertical option. Used vertically, the fiber cement siding can be smooth, faux stucco, or come in a cedar grain.

Cement fiber siding is also known for holding paint well. Water-based acrylic will stick to cement fiber siding for 7 to 15 years, and some brands guarantee that it will hold paint for up to 25 years. Because most of this type of siding is pre-primed, it can quickly be installed and painted.

The durability of cement fiber siding cannot be matched by any other siding material. Once it is installed and given a coating of paint, the siding water resistant and can withstand even strong impacts. In addition, the siding is not susceptible to rot, mildew, or termites. In addition, cement fiber siding is resistant to fire, so it is very desirable in hot, dry climates that are prone to fires.

The worst that can happen to your cement fiber siding is the accumulation of dirt and possible some insect nests. These are easily taken care of with a pressure washing. Besides regular cleaning, it is also recommended to check the caulking at joints, edges, and windows every year. It is important to keep any gaps filled in so the elements of nature do not eat away at your home from inside.

Cement fiber siding is also very affordable. The total cost after installation and painting is said to be about 25% less than natural wood and 75% less than stone. However, it is still costs slightly more than vinyl siding, but the benefits make it well worth using.

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