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Carlsbad California Homes For Sale - Carlsbad, California Homes for Sale

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Carlsbad is a mid-sized coastal city in North County region of San Diego County. The city is located about 35 miles north of San Diego and just over 85 miles south of Los Angeles. The population of Carlsbad is 106,804. The city is said to have originated by retired sailor John Frazier who dug a well in the area and began offering his water at the train station around 1880. The station was soon renamed for him, and homes began to be built there. The city originally relied on agriculture with local farmers growing citrus, olives, and avocados. This economy held up the city through several housing market crises in the late 19th and early 20th century. Carlsbad was officially incorporated in 1952 due to avoid annexation by Oceanside and to secure funds for the new water pipeline being run through the county. Today, Carlsbad is known for being a high-end resort city with top-notch shopping and several tourist attractions.

There are 31,521 households in Carlsbad occupying 33,798 total housing units. The market supports 1,100 to 1,200 Carlsbad, California homes for sale at any one time, and the median selling price for these homes is around $600,000. There is also a new trend geared toward mid-level new home construction. The median selling price of these new homes is just over $535,000. In 2006, like most U.S. cities, Carlsbad, California homes for sale began to devalue. The high at the time was $696,000, and the market showing signs of improvement. However, up to 500 homes in the city remain on the foreclosure list at most times. Foreclosure homes in Carlsbad have a median selling price of $520,000. Including all Carlsbad, California homes for sale, the price per square foot is $265.

Carlsbad is a racially diverse city. Although 87% of residents are white, there are large populations of Asian and Hispanic people in the city. Additionally, 54% of all households are comprised of married couples, while 34% are non-families. The age make-up of the city is evenly split. 24% of residents are children under the age of 18. 38% are 18 to 44, and 39% are 45 or older. There are 93 adult males for every 100 females in Carlsbad, and the median household income is $79,444.

Carlsbad, California homes for sale are located in one of five quadrants that make up the city:
*Northwest quadrant – This is the oldest part of the city. It is the location of untouched park land and Carlsbad Village, the colloquial name of the downtown area. It is also the location of the Barrio and Terramar, one of the first oceanfront communities in the city.

  • Northeast quadrant – This quadrant is almost totally residential, consisting primarily of single-family homes. Some of the popular communities in this area include Calavera Hills, the Colony, Robertson Ranch, Summerhouse, the Summit, Sunny Creek, and Tanglewood.
  • Southeast quadrant – This is the newest area in for Carlsbad, California homes for sale. The most desirable communities here are Bressi Ranch, Rancho Carrillo and several “La Costa” communities including the Greens, Oaks, Ridge, and Valley.
  • Southwest quadrant – This is a mixed use area for businesses and residents. This area includes Ponto, a large community of single-family and mobile homes and Aviara, a resort community in the hills overlooking the ocean.
  • La Costa – This is the name of a single residential community and a resort in the city, but it is so important as to be labeled as an area unto itself. The resort and spa has both hotel and condo units, along with two 18-hole golf courses, shopping centers, and restaurants. There are also several schools located in the area for residents.
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