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Christmas Cards Charity - Christmas Cards for Charity make Great Gifts

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Christmas has become so commercialized that many people are opting out of giving even more useless trinkets and mind-numbing gadgets this year. Instead, people are looking for gifts with real value, not only monetarily but in a sense of community and helping those who are not as fortunate as us. One of the more popular ways of supporting the less fortunate and those who are trying to make a little more good in this world is through the giving of Christmas cards for charity.

Charity Christmas cards are great gift for anyone, but even if you feel like you would like to give a more personal gift to friends and family who are closest to you, they can still be used as supplemental gifts, gifts for others who are not so close to you, such as coworkers. In any case, the cards can simply be used in place of the standard Christmas cards you would normally be giving out.

Christmas cards from charities are available in one of two ways. Most major charities will give you a free gift card with a single gift donation. If you like, you can get in touch with your favorite charity and ask about their gift charity options. Most of them will be happy to send you a certificate for the donation and a nice card for the holidays to accompany it. You can buy as many as you would like to give out and in various denominations. This method is also perfect if you would like to give Christmas cards charity not for your favorite charity, but for the recipient’s favorite charity, should it be known. You can buy as cards from as many different charities as you wish.

Another method of giving Christmas cards charity gifts is through a bulk purchase of cards. There are cards now that you can buy with the charity donation already attached to them. The best way to buy these types of cards is through an online company that specializes in just such gifts. These websites have a wide variety of choices for card designs. You begin by choosing which design you would like, and then you order a quantity of cards. They usually come in boxes of 25, and you can order as many boxes as you like.

After you choose the design and the quantity, you can choose to customize it with a choice of verses, or own words, or simply leave it blank. Finally, you choose a single charity from a list of those available. Some of these card companies have an option for multiple-charity donations. You can add a line denoting the card will benefit a charity or you can opt to leave it out. The price of these cards ranges from $100 to $200 per box of 25. The amount that goes to charity is anywhere from 20% to 50% of the price of the cards.

There is one major disadvantage in using the charity Christmas card companies. These donations are not tax deductible because they are neither made in your name or the recipient’s name. The donations are actually made by the card company. If you would like the charity gift to be tax deductible, you will have to go with the first option of individual donations. This nice little tax break will only add value to your charitable donation.

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