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We Buy Car - The Best “We Buy Car” Sites - WeBuyCar.com, Carmax, MobileCarBuyer.com

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Needing to sell a vehicle very quickly can be a bit of a headache, but there are plenty of “We Buy Car” sites that can help anyone out. Each one of these sites works a little bit differently, and it is important to understand these differences before going forward with any deals. Also realizing exactly how the “we buy car” process works can shed a lot of light on what you can expect as you work out your problem. Let’s take a look at some of the best sites there are for this kind of deal.


One of the first sites many people wonder about is WeBuyCar.com. This site seems very simple. People who need to get cash for their car can sell it to this website, which pretty much buys any car. The operators of this company say that it is better than trading the vehicle into a dealer for nothing, so it may be a great option to help avoiding this scenario. The company says that they will pay more than whatever most dealers would pay for your car on a trade in. They also handle all of the licensing paperwork. The process for this site is very simple. Consumers just send in a description of their car and get a preliminary offer. Then the company comes and inspects the car to finalize the offer and hands over the cash if it sounds good to the seller. The company recommends that sellers clean up their car and have all of the necessary paperwork before they arrive because it can help get more money for the car. The company says it will come to any seller who is interested in selling a vehicle to them.


Another great choice for people who need a “we buy car” site is Carmax. This company is wonderful because it does have quite a few locations around the country. Like most of these kinds of companies, Carmax will buy a car that is in every condition. The Carmax appraisal of each vehicle is good for seven days. Sellers have to bring their car to the Carmax location to get an appraisal, and no appointment is needed. An appraisal typically takes about a half hour. While the Kelley Blue Book price of the vehicle is certainly taken into consideration, the appraisers will check closely to see exactly what kind of shape it is in, including the accident history of the vehicle and whether it has had any flood damage.


A third choice to check out would be WeBuyAnyCar.com. One of the first things sellers will notice about this website is the place to enter in some basic information for an instant quote. This is a very handy feature, although it typically should be very similar to the Kelley Blue Book value of the vehicle. Until the company actually inspects the car, it is very important to realize that the initial valuation of the vehicle is not the final one. Also this company does offer $100 per referral, so it is a great choice for people who know other people who will also need this kind of service.

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