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Orlando Florida Apartments - Looking for Orlando, Florida Apartments - Orlando.Apartments.com, Move.com

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Simply trying to find a few choices in Orlando, Florida apartments is a very big job. The city sits right in the middle of several different counties, so there are many options available. More and more people are turning to the internet for help finding the perfect Orlando, Florida apartments, but not all sites deliver the same information. Some sites offer very helpful information, while others offer fewer valuable details.

Before diving into the two sites, it is helpful to understand a little bit more about the rental market in Orlando. Renters can expect to pay about $800 for a studio apartment, $900 for a one bedroom, $1,000 for a two bedroom, and $1,200 to $1,300 for a three bedroom apartment. The most basic difference among all of the available apartments is the features of each specific neighborhood, so it does help quite a bit to know which part of the city you want to live in. Now let’s take a look at two of the best sites that can help with looking for Orlando, Florida apartments.


When it comes to finding an apartment in a very specific location, Orlando.Apartments.com is probably the best choice. The site has a map with various parts of the Orlando area in different colors. It also marks the major suburbs of Orlando, which also makes it very easy to find the best place. Searchers can also separate out the choices by county if they know exactly which county is right for them. People who are moving into the Orlando area should have no problem using this site to find an apartment that is close to their work. Clicking into a specific part of the Orlando map then allows users to enter in even more search criteria, like type of housing, amenities offered in the community, pet friendly features, and even the basics like a dishwasher or hardwood floors. This site is extremely user friendly, and many people turn to it when they need a little bit of help to find an apartment in Orlando.


Another great site to check out when looking for Orlando, Florida apartments is Move.com. One nice thing about this website is the listing of features apartments in Orlando. It also makes it very easy to see a few listings and get a taste of what to expect. The site will also customize a search by what kinds of things are nearby in the community, like ATMs, grocery stores, shopping, and restaurants. Users pick the five things that matter the most to them, and then the website finds apartments that match the list the best. This site really does emphasize the importance of the neighborhood over everything else, unlike other sites that focus sole on the apartment itself. Also there are some very upscale selections on this site, so even the pickiest apartment seeker can find life in the lap of luxury.

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over 5 years ago

407apartments (www.407apartments.com) is also a great way to filter through Orlando apartments. You can search according to floor plan, amenities, location, price, and the length of your lease.