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Reebok Fitness Equipment - Reebok Fitness Equipment

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Reebok is one of the largest and most respected athletic shoe and apparel manufacturers in the world. For awhile, however, they strayed into new territory and manufactured a series of fitness equipment. Reebok fitness equipment was loved by those who bought it, but it was not a financially successful endeavor for the company and they abandoned work on producing new lines of equipment. What they did make is still available for sale from many fitness outlets, and the products come highly recommended.

Reebok International Limited had its beginnings back in 1895, when it was founded by an early cobbler of running shoes in Bolton, England. Originally named J.W. Foster and Sons, the company was renamed by the sons in 1960 after a type of African Gazelle. Today, Reebok is a subsidiary of Adidas but continues to produce highly desirable athletic equipment.

Reebok fitness equipment is made for home use and has features that make the products both technologically innovative and aesthetically appealing. The fitness machines produced by the company were made in two different series’ and come in four different types: treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, and rowing machines.

The two series of Reebok fitness equipment are the Performance Series and the i-Series. The Performance Series is made for home use, but lives up to the standards of commercial equipment. This series includes bikes, elliptical cross trainers, and treadmills. The equipment has high-quality computer systems to effective monitor your exercise and unique designs that look great in any home.

Some of the most popular Reebok fitness equipment in this series includes the following:

  • Exercise Bike 5.8eLE – This exercise bike brings the whole industry to a new standard. This limited edition model can be used for regular daily exercise or to train professional athletes. It features an M-Force EMS braking system, and multicolor backlit display, comfort saddle, and the computer comes with 12 preset programs and 5 user-defined programs. A hand pulse receiver is also integrated into the handles.
  • Cross Trainer 5.8eLE – This elliptical cross trainer uses the same limited edition cross trainer features the same design and technology specifications as the 5.8e limited edition bike. It is made to handle professional training but works just as well for a standard daily fitness routine. It features the same M-Force EMS brake system and multicolor backlit display with speed, time, distance, pulse, RPM, watts, and calories. It also has the integrated hand pulse sensors in the handles.

The i-Series of Reebok fitness equipment uses a totally new design unlike any other. While performance is enough for home workouts, this series emphasizes the aesthetic appeal, so it is not ideally suited to professional use.

Here are two of the most popular i-Series Reebok fitness equipment machines:

  • i-Rower 2.5e – This direct drive rowing machine features precise timing and advanced training with 25-400 watt adjustable electronics in 16 levels. It features an LCD display with a full readout of speed, time, distance, calories, pulse, watts, and RPM. The computer has 9 fitness programs and settings. It is available in a variety of colors including black, blue, gray, rose, and orange.
  • i-Run S – This is a simple, easy-folding treadmill for everyday use in environments where space is at a premium. This treadmill has a 1.75 horsepower continuous duty motor and a computer with 7 programs. The blue-light backlit display shows the speed, time, distance, pulse, and calories expended. It has a 2-level manually adjusted pitch and a hand pulse device.
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