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Projector Screen Tripod - Choosing a Projector Screen Tripod

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For a long period of time in history, it looked like the projector screen would be a piece of audio-visual equipment reserved for movie theaters. If you would have said told someone in the 1990s that you would need a project screen tripod in the 2010s, they would have thought you were crazy. Who would use movie reels or slide projectors in twenty years when they are hardly used now? As it turns out, no one predicted the rise of computer technology and that videos and photos would be digitally projected for mass viewing.

Digital projectors are a hot item, and as digital projectors sell, so does the projector screen tripod. Although many people have, at one time or another, tried to make do with their white-washed wall as a projector screen, everyone agrees that this is a bad idea that may only possibly suffice as a temporary solution in a life or death projection situation. After trying this once, most people with a projection needs look to buying a screen.

There are several different types of projector screens. You can buy a motorized projector screen that rolls up into a unit that mounts on your ceiling, if you have the money and don’t mind a projector screen housing ruining the aesthetics of your home. Most people don’t have the space or the inclination to have a permanent projector screen installed anywhere except in office meeting rooms. If you just need a screen that can be folded up and stuck into a closet when not in use, then a projector screen tripod is for you.

If you are not sure which type of projector screen to buy, you can ask yourself a few simple questions:

1. Will the screen be used on a daily basis?
2. Will the screen be a permanent fixture in the room?
3. Will the screen need to be used only indoors?
4. Do you have children and pets that can be injured from objects that can easily be pushed over?

If you can answer no to all of these questions, then there is no doubt that a projector screen tripod is what you require. If you can only answer no to three of these questions, a projector screen tripod must still be given serious consideration.

Some of the advantages of purchasing a projector screen tripod include their portability and their price. Projector screen tripods are very affordable compared to other types of permanent screens. Their ability to be used outdoors also makes them indispensible in many situations.

Before you rush out a buy a projector screen tripod, there are some disadvantages to using them that you should think about. The following could possibly sway you to choose another solution to your projection viewing:

  • The screen cannot be set flush against a wall, so there is some screen movement possible.
  • The roll mechanisms on these screens are notoriously prone to failure.
  • The screen can be knocked over by children, pets, or overly rambunctious adults.

One of the most popular types of projector screen tripod is the Da-lite Tripod Projector Screen. These screens fold fast and are very easy to use. The most popular series is actually the Fast-Fold Series. They are very portable and come with a convenient carrying case. They come in both front and rear-projection varieties, and the screens are interchangeable, so you can have different screens made of different materials and colors that can be switched out whenever necessary. A basic 96” x 96” Da-lite projector screen trip costs about $265.

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