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Used Car Valuations - Locating Used Car Valuations - Understanding Used Car Valuations, Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds.com

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Finding used car valuations is very important when it comes to getting a fair deal on your trade-in or used vehicle. There are several online resources that are perfect for finding used car worth, but first it is very important to understand how used car valuations are determined. After all, just because one website says your used car is valued at a certain price, it does not mean that someone will actually pay that price for it.

Understanding Used Car Valuations

Used car valuations are based on the year of the vehicle, the make and model, and the overall car condition. As you can see, the condition of the vehicle is what can cause the price to vary quite a bit. Most websites that give used car valuations give the price in three different levels, including top, best, and fair prices. The fair price usually falls somewhere between the top and best prices. Top price is given when the car is in absolutely perfect condition. Best price takes into account the actual condition of the vehicle. Now let’s take a look at some of the ways to find out the value of your used car.

Kelley Blue Book

The first place most people look when determining the value of a used car is at Kelley Blue Book. This site works by selecting the year, make, and model of the vehicle. The site will give you the trade-in value of the car, which is usually much lower than the other prices given. There will also be a retail price, private price, and certified pre-owned vehicle price. Retail is the amount the car dealer will probably sell it for, while the certified pre-owned vehicle price is the amount they could sell it for if the vehicle is certified. The private price is the amount you could probably get for it if you were to sell it in the classifieds or to a private party. It usually falls somewhere between the trade-in value and the price that a car dealer would typically sell it for.


Another great resource to check when trying to find used car valuations is Edmunds.com. It is not the go-to resource for this information, but it is still very reputable. Users start by selecting the make of the vehicle, then choosing the year. Next they pick the options and enter in the mileage and whether they plan to buy or sell the vehicle. Car buyers should remember that when looking at Edmunds.com, they will see the true market value price, which will usually be a lot lower than the Kelley Blue Book price. When determining the price and dealing for a car, it is best to take both numbers into consideration, starting with the true market value. In some cases, you will probably be able to talk a dealer down quite a bit simply by knowing the true market value price, in addition to the Kelley Blue Book price.

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