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Women's Evening Wear - Selecting Proper Women’s Evening Wear - Halter Dresses, A-line Gowns, Empire Gowns, Ball Gowns, Material

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Getting ready for a formal event is a big task, especially for women who have not attended many of them before, and choosing the right women’s evening wear is a major part of the entire process. Discovering what kinds of women’s evening wear looks best on you is very important because it will help minimize your flaws and accentuate the things that make you beautiful. Let’s take a closer look at the different styles of women’s evening wear and the kinds of body types they work best with.

Halter Dresses

Women’s evening wear with a halter top accentuates the face, drawing attention away from the body and up into the face. It also accentuates the arms and shoulders, so keep this in mind as well. Dresses with a halter top typically are best for very thin women or curvy women who want to bring out their eyes and face rather than the rest of their body.

A-line Gowns

Another very popular choice in women’s evening wear is the A-line gown. This style of dress is very popular because it looks good on almost any body type. It emphasizes a smaller waist and gets larger at the bottom of the gown, much in the shape of an A. Petite women and tall women both look incredible in this type of dress, as do curvy women and even ladies with larger waists. An A-line dress tends to draw the eye away from the waist and into the extreme top and bottoms of the dress. It does well at hiding a large bottom and any trouble areas below the waist.

Empire Gowns

Women’s evening wear with an especially elegant, slim look often takes the form of an empire gown. This type of dress can make almost any woman look very tall and slim. They tend to be fitted around the bodice and can be slightly fuller from the chest down or more fitted from the chest down, depending on which style looks better on you. It tends to draw the eye to the bust line. This type of dress also may have a lot of frills and ruffles, which can help to hide some of those trouble areas.

Ball Gowns

Some women’s evening wear also takes the form of ball gowns, which are also very formal, much like empire gowns. This type of dress tends to be very fitted on top and have a very full skirt. It is perfect for hiding all kinds of problem areas that occur below the waist.


Another thing to think about when considering women’s evening wear is the type of material it is made out of. Some materials are better for certain seasons of the year. For example, during the summer, women will be looking for materials like silk that are light and airy. During the winter, thicker materials like polyester blends will help cut down on the draft that is associated with many kinds of evening gowns.

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