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Women's Waterproof Boots - Shopping for Women’s Waterproof Boots - Material, Style

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Women’s waterproof boots can be very helpful and fashionable in almost any season. They can help ladies brave the wet, slushy streets during the winter and splash through puddles during the rainy springtime. But no matter what season you are looking for women’s waterproof boots for, there are some things that should be kept in mind. Thinking about these things while shopping can go a long way toward finding the perfect pair of women’s waterproof boots.


The very first thing that should be considered is what season the boots are being purchased for. This will affect the types of materials that can easily be found at shoe stores. Usually if the shopper is looking for boots for the current or next season that is coming up, it will be very simple to find appropriate materials. All of them will have waterproof materials, but some of them are more effective than others. Leather is a great option for materials in women’s waterproof boots for all seasons, although they are also among the most expensive. Rubber and vinyl are much less expensive, and they may even be a better choice for snowy, winter days.

It is also very important to take a look at the sole of the boot to see what it is made of. Women’s waterproof boots should have a non-skid sole on them because you may be walking on ice or wet, slick areas. Make sure that the sole is made of rubber and has some traction to it.

In addition to the material on the outside of the boot, the material of the lining is also important. Women’s waterproof boots for wintertime should probably have a faux fur or micro-fleece lining to help keep the toes warm. A good indication of how warm the boots are is to look at the weather rating of the boots. Not all of them will have one, but higher end boots should. During the summer, the lining should focus more on softness and less on warmth.


After material, style is the next important thing. Style says a lot about a woman, and owning boots that do not match your style can prevent you from wanting to wear them. Not all women’s waterproof boots are big and clunky. Some are tighter and very feminine. Many of them have extremely trendy pieces on them, like belts, buckles, and fur linings. Most leather boots come in neutral colors like black or brown, although you might occasionally find a pair that comes in a wacky color. Rubber and vinyl tend to have more color options, especially for the woman who prefers some zany footwear.

The way the boot fastens can also be a part of the style. Some women prefer zippers, while others would rather have laces. One style of laces is bungee lacing, which helps seal moisture out. These laces make it very easy for the top of the boot to open up and allow your foot in or out.

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