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St Martin Car Rental - Finding the Best St. Maarten (St. Martin) Car Rental - Renting a Car at the Airport, Renting a Car at the Pier

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St. Maarten, often misspelled as St. Martin, is a wonderful place to visit that is full of wonderful beaches and amazing adventures, and there are many choices of companies that offer a St. Maarten (St. Martin) car rental. Part of the fun of going on vacation is the complete freedom offered by having a rental car to go where you like, but knowing which company offers the best deal can be a bit confusing.

There are more than 10 car rental companies that are located inside the St. Maarten airport, so it makes the process a little bit easier because travelers can simply pick up a St. Maarten car rental right inside the airport. Just remember to book it ahead of time to avoid paying the higher prices of car rentals at the airport. Some car rental companies are also located at the pier in St. Maarten, which make it easy for cruise ship passengers to rent a car. Here are some important things to keep in mind when looking for a St. Maarten car rental.

Renting a Car at the Airport

Several of the major international car companies have locations at the St. Maarten airport. This includes Avis, Ace Rent a Car, and Courtesy Car Rentals. There are also many local companies, which may offer lower prices and more personal service than the international ones. However, not all of these small local companies have the ability for customers to book ahead of time online. St. Maarten Rental Car Shopper is a smaller company that gets great reviews from travelers visiting the island. First Crown Car Rental and Sint Maarten Car Rental are located on the Dutch side of the island, although there are not really any car rental companies that focus only on the French side of the island. Leisure Car Rentals is also a great smaller company for travelers who want to find personal service from a local company.

Renting a Car at the Pier

Travelers who are on a cruise ship and need to rent a car should definitely check out Arthur’s Car Rental. This company’s main office is located right at the pier, although it does have pickup for people who are traveling by airplane. It is certainly the best choice for cruise ship passengers, although there are probably better services available at the airport for those who are arriving by airplane.

Other Tips

One other thing travelers may want to keep in mind is that they can save quite a bit of money depending on where they book their car rental. Websites like StMaartenCarRentalGuide.com even offer little extras, like a free Caribbean card, which usually costs about $40. This card gives you discounts at many restaurants and shops located all over the island, so it is a very good value.

Travelers should also remember that booking a St. Maarten car rental right at the pier will get them about the same rates as renting one at the airport, so treat car rental on a cruise ship the same as if you were traveling by airplane.

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