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South Beach rentals are a great way to take some time off, put up your feet, and enjoy the beach, but finding the best place to rent can be a big job if you do not want to go straight to a big resort. Many people enjoy the different kinds of properties they can find by going outside of a resort, and the fact is that South Beach rentals that are individually owned are a great way to save money off of a resort. Here are three of the best sites to help you find information about South Beach Rentals.


The best website for finding South Beach Rentals is SouthBeachRentals123.com. This site bills itself as the number one apartment rental site for South Beach, and it is very easy to see why. On the home page, users answer some questions about the price range they are looking for, number of bedrooms, pets, parking, and any landmarks they want to be near. The site then returns a listing of available properties. One thing that renters should note is that this site offers one year rentals only. It is perfect for people who want their own vacation rental that they can visit several times per year, but it does not do vacation rentals of only a week or a few days at a time.


Travelers who are looking specifically for one time South Beach rentals that may last for a couple of days or a week should check out VacationHomeRentals.com. This site covers all of the United States, but it is easy to pick out the state you want and then look in the South Beach area. This site is very nice because it does list the price of each of the rentals right up front on the search results page. There are also plenty of pictures of the properties so that travelers know what kind of place they will be staying at. Also the descriptions of each of the properties are very thorough, and they list things like local landmarks, available pools, and proximity to the beach.

There are not many sites that offer information specifically on vacation rentals in South Beach, but VacationHomeRentals.com does, and it does so wonderfully. Travelers might also consider HomeAway.com, which also has a pretty decent selection of South Beach rentals.


Another good website for finding South Beach Rentals is SouthBeachCondo.com. This site is similar to SouthBeachRentals123.com in the fact that it does specialize in finding longer leases for people who want to have a regular place to stay in South Beach. This site is great because it has an entire map of the South Beach area, so users can get a really good idea of which part of South Beach they want to rent in. They can see properties along the Gulf or Atlantic Ocean. Users can also find properties that are close to certain South Beach attractions, like the Miami Beach Convention Center, Jackie Gleason Theater, or Flamingo Park.

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