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Direct Line Holidays - Booking Direct Line Holidays

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If you are in Britain or plan on travelling to the United Kingdom, there is one service that stands out of the crowd when it comes to vacation and holiday trips. Direct Line Holidays is the premiere online holiday planning website for those in the UK. The services offered by Direct Line Holidays include not only flights and hotels, but car hire, city vacation ideas, and UK holiday packages and Skiing trips.

Direct Line Holidays is also known as directline-holidays.co.uk to some people, directlineholidays.com to others, and holidayline UK to yet others, and while all are legitimate aliases of the same company, the first is the official name of the privately-owned company. Direct Line Holidays was founded in 1993 as a conglomeration of several different travel agents that advertised together on television. After experiencing modest success, the company turned to the internet in 2000, launching what would become one of the UKs most successful online travel services.

Direct Line Holidays was considered one of the pioneers of using bid-for-position marketing to grow their online presence and customer base. In 2003, the company was advertising with every major bid-for-position and pay-per-click agency in existence. They continued their advertising innovation by early adoption of Google’s new pay-per-call system in 2006.

Visitors to the Direct Line Holidays website can browse through traditional holiday packages and tours from the leading operators or you can customize a trip yourself with the tools available. The company’s online technology allows their customers to get first pick of all the new deals offered by various airlines, hotels, and tour operators.

As a fully-bonded member of the Association of British Travel Agents, Direct Line Holidays can always be trusted to offer only legitimate travel deals that are 100% safe and secure. They also hold partnerships with many leading travel and tour providers to ensure the best prices. Some of these partnerships include those with Virgin Holidays, Airtours, First Choice, Cosmos, Thomson, and Thomas Cook.

Some of the awards the company has won include Online Travel Agent of the Year, the Microsoft Office Business Productivity Award, UK’s Fastest Growing Private Companies, and the Top 10 Online Travel Agencies.

The destinations offered by Direct Line Holidays are tremendous. They can be used for service to hundreds of cities in 28 regions that span the entire globe. One of the most popular features of the website is the City Breaks Search. This specialized search will locate the best flights and hotels in your budget to dozens of cities across the world, the top 10 being Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bruges, Brussels, Dublin, Krakow, Paris, Prague, Rome, and Venice. Typical deals include two days in Prague for £93 per person including flight and hotel, 2 nights in Barcelona for £126 per person, and London for £194 per person.

In addition to being able to book flights and holidays from Direct Line Holidays, they also offer extensive information about every one of their destinations. Their single website will allow you to access numerous travel guides for cities all over the world. These extensive travel guides include general information, tips on getting around the city, thing to do in the city, the weather, unique advice for each city, and major attractions and events.

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