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Lake Tahoe Packages - Lake Tahoe Packages Spell Great Vacation Value

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The largest mountain lake in North America, fabled Lake Tahoe gracefully occupies a section of the California-Nevada border. Somewhat midway between Sacramento and Reno, it is a spectacular vacation spot for any time of year. The freshwater lake, with captivating shores north and south, offers much more than a typical water resort. For, located amidst the breathtaking northern Sierra Nevada mountain range, there are spectacular panoramic views and the added advantage of skiing along with water sports and other outdoor activities.

Indeed, ski resorts like the Sugar Bowl and Squaw Valley have made the North Lake Tahoe region synonymous with great skiing. And although international recognition followed the 1960 Winter Olympics, the region is hardly limited to winter snow sports. Depending on the season, there is also world-class golf, fishing, mountain biking, and horseback riding, to name some popular diversions. The South Shore, meanwhile, has its own share of enticements ranging from golfing, boating, and hiking to boutique and gallery shopping. Both shores offer great entertainment and casinos on the Nevada side, as well, with overflowing options for a memorable stay.

To that end, both regions are rimmed with towns providing exceptional lodging. From hotels, motels, and all inclusive resorts, to town-homes, condos, and bed and breakfast retreats, hospitality thrives. However, when staying at Lake Tahoe, packages make it more affordable and are readily available. In fact, Lake Tahoe packages ensure getting the best value, as they provide not only cost-effectiveness, but also a convenient framework within which to spend optimum vacation time. For many, it is advantageous to have amenities neatly outlined in a package deal that accentuates resort features catering to personal interests.

Rimming Lake Tahoe’s north side, are towns such as Tahoe City, Squaw Valley, Truckee and Alpine Meadows. Some, though ski villages, provide year round fun with their impressive shops, restaurants, and other attractions. To the South, towns like Stateline and South Lake Tahoe have impressive lodging as well, and whether staying to the north or south, a multitude of Lake Tahoe packages exist.

There are packages for couples, families, and girlfriend getaways, others geared to activities or seasonal events. For example, popular packages offer discounted lodging for women wanting to get away for some female-only leisure without mates, children. One South Lake Tahoe resort with such a package especially caters to the kind of pampering women crave, via its luxurious day spa. With rates discounted for lodging, spa massage included, and a sizable dinner voucher, it is also but minutes away from Stateline, Nevada, an exciting South Shore location brimming with nightlife. In contrast with a private beach, heated pool and hot tub, and gorgeous mountain-rimmed lake views by day, the pulsating beat of music and allure of casinos by night offers brilliant contrast. Such contrast, moreover, defines Lake Tahoe, where sunshine, water, snow, mountains, shopping and luxurious surroundings provide a virtual plethora of the best offered by nature and man.

Additional packages cater to lovers, designed for economy with relaxing amenities to rekindle romance, while another desirable Lake Tahoe package offers discounts to those staying more than two nights. There are also Holiday packages, an increasingly favorable means for families to unite from far-flung destinations in an environment suitable to all ages but without the work such gatherings often represent.

North Shore resorts excel in providing package deals and discounts for ski enthusiasts during the season, with complementary or discounted lift tickets, reduced-price ski lessons, hot buffet breakfasts and afternoon teas among incentives. Some provide a third or fourth night free, appreciated by those planning to stay that long, anyway, and legitimate reason for others to consider a longer getaway. Moreover, the ski village towns make the perfect backdrop for Holiday activities like Christmas parades with torch light effects. Just as with the South Shore, these Lake Tahoe packages make sense for getting the best value and the best the area has to offer, too.

Over a mile-high, encompassing 191 square miles of ultra-clear water, surrounded by mountain panoramas and rimmed by satellite towns forming an area known by the same name, Lake Tahoe is a sight to behold. It is certainly not to be missed when it comes to leisurely escapes or activity oriented getaways. Fortunately, Lake Tahoe packages ensure that regardless of budget and interest, “Tahoe” is a place that everyone can experience at least once in a lifetime!

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