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South Africa Vacations - Vacationing in South Africa

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Planning a vacation to South Africa can be both adventurous and relaxing, considering the wide range of tours and cities to explore. Some of the South African areas to highlight are those with interesting flora, fauna, landmarks and history. South African vacations offer a peek into a diverse culture and historical moments that shouldn’t be overlooked but looked into.

Cape Town
Located on the western cape of South Africa, Cape Town is considered one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. A blend of culture which includes British, German, Indonesian, Dutch and the local Bushman and Hottentot tribes, come together to offer exotic cuisine and music.
Visit Green Market Square to experience great deals at flea markets or jaunt over to the modern shopping malls. A wide variety of adventures await in Cape Town. Take a trip to White Shark Encounters to either participate in shark diving or viewing. A 2 hour drive from Cape Town to Dyer Island is one of two areas in the world where the opportunity to spot a great white shark is very high.
Plan a trip to Robben Island, which is 12 km out from the mainland. This remote island was inaccessible for centuries and has been used as a prison since the Dutch settled at the Cape in the mid-16th century. Robben Island began as a leper colony and evolved as a place to exile.
Cape Town’s most prominent landform is Table Mountain, which is always visible. Take a cable car and view the lush flora and fauna of around 1470 plant species. Opened in 1929 and transporting over 600,000 passengers yearly, this popular highlight features a restaurant at the summit.
Ratanga Junction Theme Park, another cape Town attraction is filled with thrill rides such as roller coasters.

Port Elizabeth
Approximately 800 km east of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth is popular for sandy beaches and water sports. A major tourist hub, this city is both friendly and eco-friendly. The second largest city in South Africa, it is also known for it’s motor industry.
The weather is very warm during summer and mild through the winter. Water sports are ongoing throughout the year. Travel along the historic Donkin Heritage Trail to peer into the past of 1820 settlers. Stop at 47 archaeological sites along this 5 km trail.
Resorts and hotels dot the beaches and cater to all tastes. Charter a boat and visit amazing coral reefs under the clear sea. Visit a number of wildlife reserves to see African wildlife.

East London
The only river port in South Africa, East London offers charm and old fashioned values. Also a surfer’s paradise, Nahoon Reef is host to international sailing competitions. Unpolluted beaches extend for miles, therefore water sports and swimming are enjoyed all year.
19th century architecture lends to the heritage of English and German inhabitants. Plan an excursion to East London Aquarium and Ocean Viewing Deck. The oldest in South Africa, more than 400 species of fish, penguins and seals can be seen. During the weekend evenings, be entertained by jazz sessions or try drumming at a drum circle.

One of the wealthiest cities in the country, Johannesburg boasts a variety of style, architecture and diverse history. Learn about Africa’s history at the Museum Africa, or take a tour of South African Breweries World of Beer.
The first discovery of gold in Soweto involves 62 square miles of culture. The diversity of the inhabitants is obvious through observing small squatter’s huts built next to mansions.
A tour of the Rhino and Lion Nature Preserve won’t be disappointing. There are over 20 species of animals along with a birds of prey feeding area.

The third largest city in South Africa, Durban is known for Africa’s largest marine park, which is located along the Golden Mile. Visit the Botanical Gardens and view rare species of plants and orchids. Visit the KZN Sharks Board and learn all about sharks or go to North Beach and watch surfers.
Find out about sugar production at the South African Sugar Terminals at Maydon Wharf. These can store over a million tons of sugar.

Visit South Africa and discover all that it has to offer.

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