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Arlington Texas Homes For Sale - Facts for People Considering Arlington Texas Homes

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The population in Arlington, Texas is about four hundred thousand, with equal proportions of men and women living in the area. Half of the people in the city are over the age of thirty one. About four thousand people live in each square mile of the city.

In Arlington Texas homes, half of the households in the city earn an income of fifty three thousand dollars a year, with twenty five thousand dollars of income for every man, woman, and child in the area. The approximate value of homes and condos in the area is about a hundred and thirty four thousand dollars on average, which is somewhat higher than the Texas average of a hundred twenty seven thousand dollars. This means that half of Arlington Texas homes are worth more than a hundred thirty four thousand dollars, and half are worth less. For those looking to rent, half of the spaces available are available for under seven hundred and eighty four dollars a month. About eleven percent of the population lives in poverty.

For those over the age of twenty five, eighty five out of every hundred people have at least a high school diploma. Thirty percent have a Bachelor’s degree, and about nine percent have graduate degree or a professional degree. The unemployment rate for those over the age of twenty five is just over four percent, and more than half of the people in the area can drive to work in under half an hour. The total unemployment rate is 7.5 percent, slightly lower than the state average of 8.1 percent.

For people over the age of fifteen, twenty seven percent were never married, fifty six percent are currently married, eleven percent have been divorced, 3.4 percent have been widowed, and 2.4 percent have been separated. Fifteen percent of the people in the area were born outside of the country, compared to fourteen percent in Texas as a whole.

Property taxes for those still paying a mortgage are three thousand three hundred dollars on average, and two thousand one hundred dollars for those who are not paying a mortgage.

The closest city with a population of more than a million is Dallas, which is only twenty miles away.

Crime in the area is somewhat higher than the United States average. This seems to hold true for all major crimes, with the exception of murder, which has a somewhat lower percentage of occurrence for most years. There is one registered sex offender in the area for every 923 people, which is fewer than the average in the state. There is about 1.6 police officers for every thousand people who live in the area. The average in Texas is 2.2.

For men in the area, the most common industries are construction, food service and accommodation, administration and support, waste management, professional services, scientific and technical services, transportation, finance, and education. Together these industries make up forty two percent of the jobs for men in the area.

The most common industries for women in the area are education, health care, finance, food services and accommodation, professional services, scientific and technical services, administration and support, waste management, and personal and laundry services. Together these sectors of industry make up fifty nine percent of the jobs for women in the area.

Temperatures in the area are on the high end of the United States Average, with winter days averaging just over forty degrees Fahrenheit and summer days averaging about eighty five degrees. Winter daily lows are just over thirty degrees and summer daily highs are just over ninety five degrees. The rain stays close to the national average throughout most of the year, but peaks above it around May and October. The wind speed in the area is somewhat higher than normal, peaking at twelve or thirteen miles an hour during the beginning of spring. Snow has a low occurrence in the city, and sunshine is about average.

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