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Auto Rental San Diego - Essential Facts About Auto Rental in San Diego

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San Diego, California, is a very popular travel destination because of the natural beauty and perfect weather during every month of the year. Mountains that line the city’s east edge create a coastline community protected from the hot, arid desert. As is true with most western cities, mass transportation is not designed to cover the entire city in one network, so auto rental is required for the San Diego vacation or business trip. Points of interest span from the border with Mexico to the coast and into the mountains, where buses and trolleys do not venture. San Diego is also a port city with a strong naval presence, and U.S. Navy ships have been moored there for decades. Some of the ships are open for tours, and others are viewed from harbor tours aboard various types of tourist boats. Cruise ships depart from San Diego’s harbor and return with passengers from every continent who will spend time sightseeing before returning home. With so many ways to enter, auto rental companies in San Diego have specific requirements, offer specialized insurance, and have locations in different areas across the city.

Because San Diego is just a stone’s throw from the southern U.S. border with Mexico, most auto rental companies in San Diego allow their cars to be driven into Mexico. Prior to renting the car, proof of Mexican auto insurance is required, and some rental companies do offer special insurance, but the rates are higher than if you purchase a short-term policy prior to travel. Your car insurance agent can provide guidance. Drivers must be at least 18 years of age, and many companies charge higher rates for drivers under 25 years old. If anyone in your party, who is going to drive the car, is between 18 and 25, find out what rules apply. A valid driver’s license is required for each person who will drive at the time of pick-up. Foreign students and travelers are welcome at auto rental companies in San Diego as long as they can provide proof that they are licensed to drive. If the car will be driven outside the state of California and dropped off at another location, one-way fees may be applied.

Auto rental companies offer insurance on top of the rental rate, but personal auto insurance will often cover any car that is being driven by the insured driver. Prior to travel, check the details of your personal car insurance to determine what level of coverage would be applied to a rental car. Many gold and platinum credit cards automatically insure a rental car when the card is used to pay the cost of the rental contract. When traveling for business, find out what agreements your corporation has made with respect to insurance to avoid paying twice. If you are in an accident, personal insurance will cover both vehicles, but insurance from the rental company will cover only the rental car you are driving. Your personal insurance will be required to pay for damage to the other car.

San Diego International Airport (SAN) is only one of the locations where auto rentals can be made in San Diego. Office locations are situated around the airport property and can be reached by bus or van service offered by the rental company. Information is provided online and at the counters located in the airport. Near the San Diego Port Authority office, there are rental companies ready to serve the cruise ship passengers who wish to spend some time in and around San Diego. Prior reservations are important to ensure the type of car that suits your group will be available upon your cruise ship’s arrival. For the business traveler who will stay over a weekend after a busy week downtown, there are auto rental locations in downtown San Diego so a trip to the airport is not necessary. Near the Old Town Trolley Station, travelers who decide to switch to an auto for ventures into other areas of California can rent a car without having to return to the port or the airport.

With the proper information and form of payment, auto rental in San Diego is easy and convenient for the traveler who arrives from any mode of transportation. The outdoor enthusiast and the seasoned shopper will find great ways to spend time in one of America’s rugged southwest cities. Remember to visit the beach and take a drive into the mountains to get the complete picture of this beautiful locale.

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