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Bissell Upright Vacuum - Choose the Bissell Upright Vacuum

dust design cleaning canister

Standard vacuum cleaners use beater bars and high suction power to loosen dirt from carpets and gather everything in the cleaning path into a paper liner within the cloth zippered-bag standing atop the motor housing. When the paper liner is filled after multiple cleaning sessions, the bag is removed and discarded. Dust levels within the room do increase during use and can irritate allergy sensitivity for those who have respiratory sensitivity. Bissell Corporation has developed revolutionary vacuum cleaner designs that would contain the flying dust, eliminate the need to purchase vacuum cleaner bags, and provide easy access to cleaning attachments.

Airetight filtration was designed and developed to replace the breathable vacuum bag on an upright cleaner. HEPA technology is incorporated in the design to clean the air that exits the vacuum to eliminate dust. Allergy suffers find relief when the Bissell Upright is used repeatedly because dust levels are reduced within the carpet and upholstery. One limitation stated by most owners of the Bissell is the amount of dust that is released back into the air when the canister container is dumped into the trash. The old design where the entire paper liner is discarded did not present this challenge.

One of the disadvantages to the traditional vacuum cleaner was the need to purchase paper liners and then fill them almost completely to optimize their expense. The canister design on the Bissell upright vacuum allows for brief periods of use and frequent emptying of the collection canister without waste. Rinsing out the canister is simple and resuming vacuum activities is simpler because the bag does not have to be replaced. When using the vacuum for a particularly dirty job, the canister can be taken outside and discarded and then rinsed without delay.

Another appealing design feature is the onboard attachment holders that keep every attachment for the vacuum hose within easy reach for use on draperies, upholstery, around woodwork, and in small crevices. The long vacuum tube extends for reaching places where cobwebs are visible but sometimes difficult to reach. One particular model has a removable canister where the vacuum motor is housed that can be moved up the stairs without negotiating the rest of the housing. There is no need to set a knob because the beater bar and the vacuum hose are both working constantly. Superior design makes the suction powerful enough for both apparatus’ to work concurrently. Cleaning more area with less effort means a cleaner home in less time.

The Bissell upright vacuum burst onto the scene with a standard design that has evolved into specialty models that address difficult cleaning challenges like large quantities of pet hair that must be removed from every surface of the home. Special attachments are sold for use with the other models to add the ability to address pet hair. The best combination of features has been designed into various models to solve cleaning problems while reducing dust levels and minimizing allergens.

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